Tips on creating a mobile-friendly website

What is a mobile-friendly website?

A mobile-friendly website means that your website looks good on all mobile devices; including iPad, iPhone, Samsung etc. That the user has . no issues reading the text on the page, that the images are not blocking parts of the site,

Google is penalising websites for NOT having a website that is mobile-friendly or mobile responsive on all devices.
Google cares about the user and what type of experience they have when looking for something online especially NOW on mobile devices.

mobile-friendly website

A mobile-friendly website should include;

A user-friendly mobile menu.
All images should scale relative to each mobile device.
A mobile-friendly website should have scalable text-size.
DO NOT include a link to the desktop view (it confuses the user).
ALWAYS make the most important content viewable to the user and above the fold line.
Have all the most important pages in the main navigation.
Have a call to action button –  if appropriate.
Have a Google map – if relevant.
Test your website thoroughly on all devices.
Check out this cool website to test –



mobile-friendly website


Image guide for pixel size and quality (resolution)

Images should be SMALL in file size Image.
Image file size has a lot of impact on the speed of your website.
If images are too big it will slow down your website making it slow loading for the visitor.
Google penalises websites for IMAGES being too big (see our guide below).
We see this mistake time and time again with my students and clients.


Page images Quality – 20-30kb. Dimensions – Approximately 600-900 pixels.
Logo – Quality – 10kb. Dimensions – 150 x 90 pixels.
Banner Quality – 20-30kb. Dimensions – 1900 pixels wide.

Check out our video on how to make your image file size smaller.



Some interesting stats about Google & mobile-friendly websites

  • Google has over 4 million searches per minute.
  • Time spent online has increased by 100% because of smartphones and tablets (in 2014).
  • 64% of Local searchers take action.
  • 94% of Australians use Google.
  • 93% never go past page 1.
  • 85% never scroll.
  • 50% do NOT know the top three results are ads.
  • 72%  search in the toilet.

(stats from

You can see by these stats, that having a Google-friendly website is crucial for your online business to BE and STAY successful. If you don’t know anything about making a website Google friendly, then check out our Google/SEO Course to help you.

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