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Brand House Communications specialises in advertising, marketing, design & publishing. Bronwyn came to us to learn how to build WordPress websites for clients and also to rebuild their own website. Bronwyn was designing sites in Wix, which was great for smaller sites but she needed a CMS program that was a bit more powerful, so we suggested WordPress.

Bronwyn came from the country so needed to learn how to build and create a WordPress website in one day. This was achieved in our course – Build a WordPress WebsiteBrand House Communication’s main aim of the training was to learn the best way to design sites for clients and redesign her current website that was built in Wix.

We built the new website in Divi [oh course!] for its versatile nature and amazing capabilities.

Brand House Communications

What we covered in the training

  • Installed and set up the basics of WordPress.
  • Set up the main pages.
  • Created a customised home page.
  • Taught Brownyn from Brand House Communications how to design layouts with the Divi builder.
  • Added a navigation menu with all the main pages.
  • Added blog page and connected it.
  • Added Social Media.
  • Created sliders and galleries.
  • How to build a portfolio website.
  • How to add videos.
  • Set up an enquiry form.
  • How to add links and PDF’s.
  • How to add Instagram to the site.
  • And how to use the blog.

We also added some popular plugins including;

  • Security – to keep the website safe from potential hackers.
  • Anti-spam – to ensure no bad spam.

Bronwyn learnt a lot in our web building course, enough to go away and continue building beautiful websites for clients.

Check out Brand House Communications website.

Written by Jodi allbon 2018


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