Students Sites

This is a compilation of our students websites built with one of our WordPress
or Wix courses and some of our clients re-designs.

It will give you an overview of what we do in the training courses with our students
and what you can achieve in one of our Wix or WordPress Courses.

Urban Love Life

Jules from Urban Love Life needed urgent help setting up her website that she had already started. Jules did 2 hours of one on one WordPress training. We worked on the site together for only 2 hours.   Jules will continue to write blogs about her interesting travels...

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Northshore Estate Agents

Carolyne from Northern Beaches Real Estate had already completed some WordPress training with us before. We set up another website for her in a few hours of training. We used the Divi theme from Elegant themes again because of it's flexible layouts and endless...

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Anna Agostino

Anna Agostino did our Setting up a WordPress Website course. She is an entrepreneur and her mission is to "help you build a life you love and to live life on your terms". Anna Agostino comes from an entrepreneurial & marketing background.  She already had an eye for...

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Psychological Health Centre – Dee Why Northern Beaches

Jo and Michele from Psychological Health Centre needed a basic website set up for their new business.  They needed to build a website suitable for clinical psychologist, occupational therapist, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy DBT. They decided that the Setting up a...

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DEPA NSW came to us for some 1 on 1 WordPress Training.  In 2 hours we re-designed the site and made it more professional.  Amanda from DEPA had a deadline to get the website completed in a few days by other members of her staff. What we covered in the WordPress...

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The Indigenous Australian Collective

Shelley from The Indigenous Australian Collective did our WordPress 1 Day Training Course in 2014. Since then she has built and managed many WordPress websites. Shelley's latest creation is The Indigenous Australian Collective. The purpose of the website is to...

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Racklight – Website Creation

Brian from Racklight, needed to build a website for his small business idea. He attended our Setting up a WordPress Website course. Brian is an engineer and has designed very unique rack lights for bikes. The rack lights ensures the number plate is clearly visible....

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Northern Beaches Estate Agents

Carolyne from Northern Beaches Estate Agents did our WordPress 1 on 1 Training.  A similar story to most clients.  Carolyn had set up a website herself, but hit a road block and needed some urgent help. She needed to get the website looking good enough to go live for...

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Epoch Crew – Website Creation

Amanda from Epoch Crew did our WordPress course - Setting up a WordPress Website. Amanda needed to build a website with a shop for her organic, eco friendly sustainable products. Amanda works in the yachting industry and aims to bring awareness and educate consumers...

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HCG Goddess

Donna from HCG Goddess needed some 1 on 1 WordPress Training to finish her business website she started. She originally set it up in but it did not have the functionality she needed, so we moved it to This is what we covered in the...

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Locus Non Consequensia

Pru from Locus Non Consequensia needed some urgent 1 on 1 WordPress Training to create a site in WordPress to present artwork for Locus Non Consequensia.  Pru had already set up something in with the default WordPress theme but it wasn't looking how she...

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The Wise Guru

Justine from The Wise Guru has several websites built in WordPress. We did some 1 on 1 WordPress Training via Skype. Justine wanted to know how to edit parts of the website and be able to manage all of her websites ongoing.  Justine lives overseas so Skype was the...

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