Basic Tutorials on Divi Builder

Divi builder allows you to set up different page layouts.
Divi builder gives you control over your page layouts.
Without Divi builder, you would have to code the page to create different layouts or use another plugin.
It allows you to create any type of layout easily.
It also allows you to modify the mobile versions of the page.
It has drag and drop capability and the ability to design the page form the front end.
Perfect for a beginner and a dream for a web designer.

Layout & Typography Settings

Typography is the font style, colour and sizing.
Including font type e.g. Arial, font size and height.
You can adjust the typography in the Divi customizer section.
Also in the customizer section, you can adjust the layout options.
The layout options may include, boxed or fullwidth layout.
How much spacing between rows and sections.
You can use this section to preview the new settings before going live.

Using The Divi Module Customizer

Divi Customizer allows you modify the modules of Divi.
Modules may include, sliders, contact forms, buttons, Testimonials, text boxes, videos, Blog and more.
The module customizer allows you to modify the global,
Settings of each module.
So no need to know any coding!

Divi Header Customizer Settings

The header of Divi is the top section of each page.
The header is a very important section of any website.
It usually displays the logo, main menu, social media.
It can also display a secondary menu with important links.
The header usually displays contact details, i.e;
phone number, email and Social Media.
This header customizer section allows you to modify all,
these elements of the header without coding.

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