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small business website design

Small Business Website Design

Are you looking for affordable website design services for your small business?

We can help you, with our small business website design packages, offering mobile friendly, modern designs that have the ability to grow when your business does. Our experience in web design services over the years has taught us that most people don’t have a clue what’s involved in building a website so our packages include all the elements required to create a professional website.

Pyrmont & the Northern Beaches, Sydney.

small business website design

Pyrmont & the Northern Beaches, Sydney.

Our small Business Web Design Services Include

Everything You’ll Need

Mobile Designs

A mobile-friendly site that is fast to load.


A user-friendly content management system that you can manage.


Free custom emails with your own domain name.


A blog to help get visitors to your site.

Social Media

Social Media to share your content and attract visitors.


Google friendly images that are web ready, with no copyright issues.


Basic SEO for your main pages.

Security/Spam Control

Website security & anti-spam to keep your site safe.

WordPress Training

Free training to use your WordPress website.*

Web Design Packages & Prices

Startup website

from $895 + GST
5 pages
Social media
Contact form
1-3 emails
30 minutes training*

Medium site

from $895-$2500 + GST
Up to 15 pages
Social media
Contact form
1-3 emails
30 minutes training*

Large site

from $2500-$5000 + GST
15 + pages
Social media
Contact form
5-10 emails
30-60 minutes training*
More complex features

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does website design cost for a small business?

Building a website is not as straightforward as you think. The price really depends on the size and scope of your project.

For example;

  • How many pages will you need?
  • What functionality and integrations are involved?
    • For example, do you need a shop, or a booking form or a membership site?
  • How long will it take to add content, images, products?
  • Are your page layouts basic or complex?
  • Will there be customised layouts for all your pages or just a few?
  • Do you have a lot of products and images to add? This takes time.
  • So that’s why every website is priced differently.

Website Design Packages & Prices [2019]

Once we know the scope of your project, we can give you a final price.

Small website  –  from $895 + GST
Medium website – from $895 – $2500 + GST
Large website – from $2500 – $5000 + GST

Do you include hosting and domain?

We include hosting for free in all our small business website design packages. But if you already have hosting that’s fine. We can use yours if you prefer.

Hosting is where the web pages and content are stored. It is very important that your website is hosted on reliable, fast servers. That not only support WordPress but also offer great support and security.

You need to ensure, your hosting makes regular backups. And also offers to restore your site if it gets hacked. Either for free or for a minimal cost.

We can guarantee with Quadra Hosting (the guys we use), will do this for free.

Digital Pacific will backup your site for free daily, but you have to pay them to restore your site if it gets hacked or destroyed. [affiliate link].

We DO NOT use overseas hosting companies.  This guarantees, quick support from an Australian technical support person. And most importantly ensures any problems are fixed quickly.

Hosting Cost

Hosting is paid yearly. The first year with us is free. This is part of our small business package.

Then after the first year, we will invoice you every year for $150 per year [approximately].

This cost includes hosting and management fees. We will monitor your hosting [server] and update PHP when needed.

It will be up to you the client to keep your plugins and theme up to date. If you don’t have time to do basic updates, then we offer maintenance packages.

Basic maintenance package starts from $49 per month and includes;

  • Updating WordPress.
  • Updating the plugins.
  • Making sure plugins are monitored (for safety).
  • And lastly, updating the theme.

You have your own hosting

If you already have web hosting, we will check whether we think it is suitable for your website.

If not, then we would recommend you change to our hosting to ensure you get the best website performance and support.

We do not recommend using crazy domains or net registry.  The reason being is based on our experience with dealing with these companies and nothing else.

Domain Name

The domain name is the name of your website. The name of your website can have a big impact on your business, so we recommend you purchase this yourself.

We do not purchase domains on your behalf.

You need to provide your address, ABN and personal details.  It is better for the client to purchase their own domain for security & privacy reasons.

Once you purchase the domain, you can send us the login details so we can connect it to your new website.

Domain Cost

It usually costs – $30 for 2 years [approximately].

Always buy if you are an Australian business.

But it would also be wise, to buy up any other versions of the domain to protect your business from someone else copying it.

The domain name ( will need to renewed every 2 years.

Some clients may have a domain name already. We just need the login details to connect your website to the domain.

Are your websites mobile friendly?

Mobile friendly or responsive means that your website responds well on all mobile devices. In other words, it needs to be user-friendly, simple to navigate and easy for the visitor to find what they are looking.

We build all our websites so they look good and perform well on mobile phones and smaller devices.

Google now ranks mobile design over Desktop, so this is very important. Your website will be tested on all devices.

How do I choose a design?

In web design, we refer to the design of the website as the theme or template. That is the design of the website is controlled by the theme.

With all our small business website design packages, we provide you with several WordPress themes or designs to choose from.

You can also send us links to websites you like the design of. And we can use these websites as a guide to creating your site.

If you would like a mock-up design of the website before we build it, it will cost an additional $250.00.

We are definitely open to any design ideas you have.

After you have chosen the design we can start the process of building your website.

Why do you use WordPress?

WordPress is very popular, not only because of the low cost to develop great websites but also for its scalability.

The big advantage of using WordPress is so, you can update your own website (if you want). This, in the long term, will save you money.

Its easier to manage and update using WordPress’s content management system. As you don’t need to know any code. Allowing you to maintain control over your website and ongoing costs.

The great thing about WordPress is it has 1000’s of apps [plugins] that you can use for free. Again saving money on huge development costs.

WordPress also has 1000’s of themes available too! Making the possibilities endless!

Will you add all our content?
  • We will add all the content for all our small business website design packages.
  • You MUST supply us with all written content in Word or Google drive.
  • All content must be proofread by you (the client) before submitting to us.
  • We allow some small changes to text or images. But not endless. This will be discussed with you at the start of the project.
  • If you have a shop however with 100s of products, we will discuss your options for this.
Do you source images?

Yes, we can source and supply images. Obviously, this will add to the cost. So again it depends on your budget.

If you have your own images we can use them. 

Images will be discussed at the start of the project.

What if I don't have a logo?

If you require a logo we have an in-house graphic designer who can create you a professional logo for an additional fee.

Otherwise, there are lots of great websites, that we can give you to get a less expensive logo created.

Should I have a blog?

What is a blog? 

A blog is a list of articles on your site, that feeds into one page. Kind of like the Facebook feed. Blog topics should be relevant to your website content and interesting. Having a blog is a great way to add content to your site regularly. 

Blogging helps your website rank better in Google. 

The search engines love fresh content, as long as it’s relevant, unique and useful to the reader. Try to give your customers something for free that is worth value – like some “free tips” or “free advice” in your area of expertise.

This can be a great way to attract more visitors to your site. 

We recommend that every small business website has a blog. 

If you are not sure about what to blog about, we can give you some ideas. Blogging at least once a month is recommended.

This is included in our small business website design packages.

Why is Social Media important?

Social Media plays hand in hand with your blog and is crucial for every small business website. Social Media is a huge factor in creating social awareness on the Internet about your business.

We set up the Social Media Like and Social Share icons on your website. This allows you to share your blog on Social Media and allows your visitors to share your content.

Which is a very important factor in getting ranked well in Google.

Share icons  – are required so visitors can share your content. This is a crucial part of social media networking.

Social like icons – are required so visitors can like your Social Media profiles, share and like your posts and again help share your content on the web.

Setting up your Social Media is included in all our packages. You must, however, set up your social media accounts prior to us adding them to your site.

Do you create customised pages or just use templates?

Yes, we can customise page layouts for your entire site.

But if you are on a tight budget, we can customise your home page only. And then all other pages can have a similar layout only content and images changed.

But in saying that, all our website design packages include a custom designed home page. This means the home page will always look different to all other pages on your website.

The home page should showcase your website. We will set up your home page relevant to your business goals.

Content will be placed strategically to maximise conversion rates. Important content should also be noticeable from the moment the visitor lands on this page. Prompting users to take the appropriate action.

We have over 16 years of experience in small business web design. Therefore can advise you on the best landing page to convert visitors to customers.

Do you set up emails?

Yes, we can set up custom email addresses with your domain name extension.

For e.g. [email protected]

Custom emails look more professional than a personal email such as Yahoo or Hotmail.

Once we set this up for you. We will then provide you with the username, password and mail server so you can set this up in your preferred email client. For e.g. in Outlook, Mac Mail or Gmail.

This is included in our small business website design packages.

Do you include opt-ins for newsletter?

Yes, we do.

Why should I have an opt-in or sign up feature?

A signup or opt-in box aims to collect users email addresses. Having a way to collect emails from your visitors is a great way to build up your database. And gives you the opportunity to send out Newsletters with giveaways, promotions, Ebooks and more.

We recommend using Mailchimp. As it’s easy to set up and use for first-timers.

Can I add more pages than what's in my package?

All our website design packages have the ability for unlimited pages.

  • The basic package includes – up to 5 pages.
  • The professional package includes – up to 15 pages.
  • The advanced package includes – 15 + pages.

The client will have the ability to add more pages to any of these packages, as the business progresses.

Adding more pages is easy as we can show you how

  • Adding more content will help rank your website better in Google.
  • The content must be well written, unique and relevant to the goods or services on your website.
  • Adding content will gradually build up your website’s authority and help you rank better in all search engines.
  • We do offer copywriter services if required.
  • This would be an additional cost.
What other features are included?

A contact form

We will add a simple contact form for you to capture your visitor’s details.

A contact form looks professional and gives the user another way to contact you. Your contact details, including email and phone number, should also be included on your contact page and footer.

This ensures the user can easily contact you if they want to.

Spam control

We include spam control in all our packages. This will prevent bad comments from coming into your WordPress site.

If you host with us (Quadra) we will also monitor the spam control of your email.

A Google map

Yes, we can set up a Google map usually in the footer on your site and/or on the contact page. This is good for your visitors to see exactly where your business is located.

It also helps the search engines list you locally in Google. Customers will often search for your address on their phone to find you. Users usually scroll to the footer to look for your physical address when they are on the move.

Having a Google map is essential for any website or business with a physical address.

Do you add any SEO?

SEO is a huge process and costs a lot more money to set up.

So for our packages, we only set up basic SEO for your home page to help that page rank for your business name.

However, we do offer search engine optimisation or SEO training to help market your site. SEO helps the search engines to rank your site appropriately. We can talk about this once your site is built and online.


Do you offer website training?

For all our web design packages, we offer some free training. Just for basic things like how to edit a page, add a post, add an image.

You must come to our office in Pyrmont for this.

If you want more intense training. See our WordPress training packages.

Do you offer maintenance packages?

Yes, we do. We recommend that you start with the basic maintenance package of $49 per month.

WordPress websites require updating each month. Monthly updates are required to keep your WordPress software up to date and to keep the website working properly. And most importantly to keep it safe from hackers.

Sometimes websites can break if the software, plugins and theme are not kept up to date with the latest versions.

Updates are crucial for the security of your website. If you would like us to manage the updates for you, we charge $49 per month.

This fee also includes a full backup of your website and database, updating plugins and the theme.

Our WordPress maintenance packages include, updating the software, keeping backups of the website and database, optimising images for fast loading speed, making sure the speed of your website is optimal, updating plugins (apps), deleting old plugins which can slow down your site, updating themes, monitoring security & restoring your website if ever hacked.

We can decide once your website is built what updates you are confident to do yourself if you have time, and what we can do for you for a small monthly fee to ensure your website is kept at its best. See our WordPress maintenance packages.

Clients can choose to do their own updates. But performed by the client at their own risk.

How do we get started?

Let’s chat on the phone, or come to our office to get get the ball rolling. We will ask you some questions and get you to send us a small brief by email of what you require in your website.

What should I include in my brief?

What pages you need e.g. home, about, contact, services, blog. Any special features you require e.g. newsletter sign up, social media, recent posts. Colours and fonts you prefer (optional). Any designs you like. If you have no idea, we will do our best to design the website to meet business needs.

Contact us for more information about our small business website design.

If you need help with WordPress check out our –  WordPress Training

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