small business website design

Small Business Website Design

Looking for an affordable website designer to build your website?  Our small business website design packages offer mobile-friendly, modern designs and have the ability to grow when your business does. Our experience in web design over the years has taught us that most people don’t have a clue about what’s involved in setting up a website, so we have simplified the process. Our website design packages include all the elements needed to create a professional website. Sydney, Pyrmont, Northern Beaches.

Our Small Business Website Design packages include

A mobile-responsive site that is fast to load. A user-friendly content management system that you can manage. Free custom emails with your own domain name. A blog to help get visitors to your site. Social Media to share your content and attract visitors. Google friendly images that are web ready, with no copyright issues. Basic SEO for your main pages. Website security & anti-spam to keep your site safe. Free training on how to use your WordPress website.

small business website design

Small Business Website Design Prices

Our small business website design packages start from $795. We are the small business website experts on the Northern Beaches, Pyrmont, Neutral Bay, Manly & Freshwater in Sydney. If you would like more information about our web design services, Enquire here or call 0408 406 785

Website Design Packages

What’s involved in Small Business Website Design?

Web design prices

Building a website is not as straightforward as you think. The web design cost really depends on the size and scope of your project. For example; • How many pages? • What functionality and integrations are involved? E.g plugins for added functionality ie. booking form, shop. • How long will it take to add content, images, products? • Will there be customised layouts for all pages?   Website Design Packages & Prices approximately [2018].

Small WordPress website –  $795 – $1,500 Medium WordPress website – $1,500 – $3,000 Large WordPress website – $3,000 – $5,000
Hosting + Domain

The first thing to do, when setting up a small business website, is to get hosting and domain. Hosting Hosting is where the web pages and content are stored. It is very important that your website is hosted on reliable, fast hosting servers that supports WordPress and offer great support and security. We use 2 Australian companies. and [affiliate link]. We DO NOT use overseas hosting companies.  This ensures, quick support from an Australian technical support person. This also ensures problems are fixed quickly. Hosting Cost Hosting is paid yearly. The first year it costs $120 + an SSL certificate for security. This is part of our small business package price. Then after the first year, we will invoice you every year for $180 per year [approximately]. This cost includes the hosting and management fees. We will monitor your hosting [server,] and update PHP and WordPress software when needed. It will be up to you the client to keep your plugins and theme up to date. If you don’t have time to do basic updates, then we can offer you one of our maintenance packages. The basic maintenance package starts from $49 per month and includes;

  • Update plugins.
  • Make sure old plugins are replaced.
  • Update theme.

You have your own hosting If you already have web hosting, we will check whether we think it is suitable for your website. If not, then we would recommend you change to our hosting to ensure you get the best website performance and support. We do not recommend using crazy domains, GoDaddy or zip hosting.  The reason being is based on our experience with dealing with these companies and nothing else. Domain Name The domain name is the name of your website. The name of your website can have a big impact on your business, so we recommend you purchase this yourself. We do not purchase domains on your behalf. You need to provide your address, ABN and personal details.  It is better the client purchase their own domain for security measures. Once you purchase the domain, you can send us the login details so we can connect it to your new website.

Domain Cost

It usually costs – $30 for 2 years [approximately]. Always buy .com.auif you are an Australian business. Buy up any other versions of the domain to protect your business from someone else copying it. Domain name ( will need to renewed every 2 years. Some clients may have a domain name already. We just need the login details to connect your website to the domain name.

Mobile responsive design

Mobile responsive means that your website responds well on all mobile devices. In other words looks good to the user and is also user friendly – easy to navigate and see content. We ONLY build websites that look good and perform well on a mobile phone and tablet. Google now ranks Mobile design over Desktop, so this is very important. Your website will be tested on all devices.

Choosing a design

In website design we refer to the design as the theme or template. The design or look of the website is controlled by the theme. We will provide you several WordPress references to search for the best theme for your website. For example; we use [this is an affiliate link] for many of our small business website designs and highly recommend it for WordPress themes, images and plugins. You can also send us links to websites you like the design of, and we can use these websites as a guide to creating your site. We are definitely open to any design ideas you have. After you have chosen the design we will start building the website.

Why we use WordPress

WordPress is very popular software We use WordPress so updating your website is an option for you. Its easier to manage and update using the content management system. You don’t need to know or use code. This allows you to maintain control over what is added to your website and helps save you some money on paying for updates. WordPress also has thousands of apps [plugins] that you can use for free, so it will save you money in the long term. WordPress also has many themes [designs] for you to choose from. Making the possibilities endless! If that’s not for you, then we are happy to do all your updates including text and images for $95 per hour or a monthly or quarterly fee.

Customised home page

We build all our sites with a custom home page. This means the home page will look different to all other pages on your website. Your home page should showcase your website. We set up your home page relative to your business goals. All important content will be placed strategically to maximise conversion rates. All the important content should be noticeable from the moment the visitor lands on this page. This is very important for users to take the appropriate action. We have many years experience in small business websites, we can advise you on the best possible landing page to convert visitors to customers.

Adding content

We will add all the content for up to 10 pages for the basic small business website package. You MUST supply us with all your written content in a Word or Google document. All content must be proofread by you (the client) before submitting to us. We allow 2 small revisions to text or images in this package, any further revisions will be charged at the hourly rate of $95. You will be able to do your own revisions yourself once the website is finished.


Images for pages In all our small business website packages we provide; One FREE stock image per page. The images will be relevant to the nature of your website. We will source these images and add one per page together with your text. Additional images If you require additional images, this would be outside the basic $795 small business package. We would need to discuss this for pricing. Logo If you require a logo we have a graphic designer who can create you a professional logo for an additional fee. Otherwise, there are lots of great websites, that we can give you to get a less expensive logo designed. Where to find other images & logos for your website You can search for free images on Google. There are lots of websites that supply free images. You will need to create an account with most of the following websites to access the free images.

Use your own images Of course, you can use your own images. All you need to do is share these with us with Google Drive or Dropbox. We will the make them web-friendly and load to your pages.


Our basic small business website package starts from $795.

All our website design packages have the ability for unlimited pages. The basic website design package includes – up to 10 pages. You may not have enough content to add 10 pages to start with, but you should think about writing more content as soon as you can. The professional website design package includes – 10-30 pages. The client will have the ability to add more pages as the business progresses. The advanced website design package includes – 30 + pages. The client will have the ability to add more pages as the business progresses.

Adding more pages is easy as we can show you how.

Adding more content will help rank your website better in Google. Content must be well written, unique and relevant to the goods or services on your website. Adding content will gradually build up your website’s authority and help you rank better in all search engines. We can provide copywriters for you if you need assistance in writing content. Writing content would be an additional cost.

Google friendly home page

What does Google friendly mean? Google friendly means how your website is seen by Google. There are many factors involved in making your website Google friendly. We ensure your homepage is immediately made Google friendly. We do this by adding your core keyword phrase to the places where Google looks for it. This will ensure your homepage gets listed on Google appropriately. This is included in our small business website design packages.

Google map

We can set up a Google map usually in the footer on your site and/or on the contact page. This is good for your visitors to see exactly where your business is located. It also helps the search engines list you locally in Google. Customers will often search for your address on their phone to find you. Users usually scroll to the footer to look for your physical address when they are on the move. So having a Google map is essential for any website or business with a physical address.

Opt in/sign up

What is an opt-in or sign up feature? A signup or opt-in box aims to collect users email addresses. Having a way to collect emails from visitors is a great way to build up your database and gives you the opportunity to send out Newsletters with giveaways, promotions, Ebooks and more. We will set up this feature up for you, even if you don’t have any offers Punctuation only-ins replace begin with. We recommend setting this up with Mailchimp.

Contact form

We will add a simple contact form for you to capture your visitor’s details. A contact form looks professional and gives the user another way to contact you. Your contact details, including email and phone number, should also be included on your contact page and footer. This ensures the user can easily contact you if they want to.

Setting up emails

We can set up custom email addresses with your domain name extension. For e.g. [email protected] Custom emails look more professional than a personal email such as Yahoo or Hotmail. We then provide you with the username, password and mail server so you can set this up in your preferred email client like Outlook, Mac Mail or Gmail. This is included in our small business website design packages.

Security & spam control

Security and Spam control are crucial for all websites. Security Security is very important for your website. Especially for popular software programs like WordPress. We want to make sure your website is safe from the beginning, so include a website security plugin. This plugin will notify you of when the site needs updating and if anyone every logs in, so you can track and monitor your website. Spam Spam is considered damaging to your website. Spam injects your site with dodgy links or irrelevant links. You definitely do not want to be associated with such sites. We install a plugin that stops this from happening. And will stop your site from getting inundated with spam. This is included in our small business website design packages.

Social Media

Social Media plays hand in hand with your blog and is crucial for every small business website. Social Media is a huge factor in creating social awareness on the Internet about your business. We set up the Social Media Like and Social Share icons on your website. This allows you to share your blog on Social Media and allows your visitors to share your content.  Which is a very important factor in getting ranked well in Google. Share icons  – are required so visitors can share your content. This is a crucial part of social media networking. Like icons – are required so visitors can like your Social Media profiles, share and like your posts and again help share your content on the web. Setting up your Social Media is included in our small business website design packages. You must, however, set up your social media accounts prior to us adding them to your site.


What is a blog? A blog is a list of articles on your site, that feeds into one page. Kind of like the Facebook feed. Blog topics should be relevant to your website content and interesting. Having a blog is a great way to add content to your site regularly. Blogging helps your website rank better in Google The search engines love fresh content, as long as it’s relevant, unique and useful to the reader. Try to give your customers something for free that is worth value – like some “free tips” or “free advice” in your area of expertise. This can be a great way to attract more visitors to your site. We recommend that every small business website has a blog. If you are not sure about what to blog about, we can give you some ideas. Blogging at least once a month is recommended. This is included in our small business website design packages.

Website maintenance

Small business website design – maintenance We build our websites on WordPress which will need to be updated several times a year. These updates can be completed by the client at their own risk. We install a security system on your website that will remind you of these updates. Updates are crucial for the security of your website. If you would like us to manage the updates for you, we charge $49 per month. This fee also includes a full backup of your website and database, updating plugins and basic theme updates. Monthly updates are required to keep your WordPress software up to date, to ensure the website remains functional and to make sure it is safe from hackers. Sometimes websites can break if the software, plugins and theme are not kept up to date with the latest versions. Small business website design – maintenance can include, updating the software, keeping backups of the website and database, optimising images for fast loading speed, deleting old content, making sure the speed of your website is optimal, updating plugins (apps), deleting old plugins which can slow down your site, updating themes, monitoring security & restoring your website if ever hacked. We can decide once your website is built what updates you are confident to do yourself if you have time, and what we can do for you for a small monthly fee to ensure your website is kept at its best. See our WordPress maintenance packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment terms?

For all our small business website design packages, we require a deposit of 30% upfront for all clients, with 2 progress payments and balance on completion.

How do we get started?

Let’s chat on the phone, so we can get a clear idea of what you need. We will ask you some questions and get you to send us a small brief by email of what you require on your website.

Do you offer training for my website?

We offer a free 30-minute training session, so you can learn how to use your new WordPress website. Training may include; how to add a page, add text & images, add a blog post, update plugins and your theme.

What should I include in my brief?

What pages you need e.g. home, about, contact, services, blog. Any special features you require e.g. newsletter sign up, social media, recent posts. Colours and fonts you prefer (optional). Any designs you like. If you have no idea, we will do our best to design the website to meet business needs.

Do you offer online marketing?

We offer SEO or search engine optimisation to help market your site. SEO helps the search engines to rank your site appropriately. If you have a budget of around $300-500 per month then we can do the SEO for you. If you don’t have a big budget we provide one on one SEO training so you can do some of it yourself.

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