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WordPress Training to suit everyone!

Have you had a website built but have no idea how to use it OR edit simple things? Our WordPress training helps people like you every day! You might have a company website that needs updating but can’t figure out how to do it on your own. We work together to help solve your WordPress issues. We’ll even give you our expert advice on the best solutions for outdated websites, building a new one or for help with websites that don’t work how you want them to!
Get educated and take control of your website! 

WordPress Training to suit everyone!

Have you had a website built but have no idea how to use it OR edit simple things? Our WordPress training helps people like you every day! You might have a company website that needs updating but can’t figure out how to do it on your own. We work together to help solve WordPress website issues. We’ll even give you our expert advice on the best solutions for outdated websites and building a new one. And for websites that don’t work how you want them to!
Get educated and take control of your website! 

Pyrmont & Northern Beaches, Sydney.

WordPress Training options

One on One WordPress Training

This is customised training to learn what you need to manage and edit your website. Beginners to advanced available. Learn WordPress today!

Build your own Website

Do you need to build your own website for your business? Or want to redesign an old one. This course is a great option for startups, small business. Giving you full control over your website and ongoing costs.

WordPress via Skype

Skype is a great way to learn WordPress. Perfect for time-poor people that can’t attend face to face training. Great for mums or full-time workers. Just install Skype and you’re ready to go!

WordPress Workshop 

This course is suitable for beginners who want to learn all the fundamentals of WordPress. Learn to build a mini mobile-friendly website in only 4 hours. This is a beginners WordPress course.

1 on 1 wordpress training

One on One WordPress Training

This training is for people who already have a website. And need to update it, add fresh content or more complex features. All you need to do is send us a list of tasks you wish to cover. Then we tailor the training to suit what you need to learn.  Suitable for beginners to advanced WordPress.

Training Rates [one person]
$250.00 + gst – 2 hours |  $360.00 + gst– 3 hours | $480.00 + gst – 4 hours.

Click here to view pricing for group training [2 – 8 people].

wordpress training

Build your own Website

Are you pulling your hair out trying to build your own site? Are you looking for a WordPress developer to help you build a website for your business? Or are you an inspiring entrepreneur that needs a website online fast?

We can help you build a professional website!

Not to mention, have it up and running in no time at all! We also GIVE you awesome resources. Including one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market [DIVI]. Worth over $100 AUD.
As well as, an up to date WordPress E-book and online videos.

Course costs
$895.00 + gst – for a standard site.
$1200.00 + gst – for a more complex site with advanced features.
Learn more about this course

wordpress training

4-Hour WordPress Workshop

Learn to build a mini-site in our 4 hour WordPress workshop, following our step by step manual. In addition, building a WordPress website from scratch will help you understand WordPress from the core. As well as teaching you the basics and more.

This WordPress training is suitable for

Beginners, employees, students, small businesses, graphic designers, who need to learn WordPress fast!

This course is for ONE PERSON only! Get 1 on 1 attention!
View the WordPress course outline
Get our FREE 80-paged WordPress Ebook + Google tips.

Training Cost – $480.00+ gst – 1 on 1 session.

wordpress training via skype

WordPress Training via Skype

Learning WordPress via Skpye is a great option if you work full-time and cannot attend training in our office. Many people prefer this, as they don’t have to leave their house. Especially mums with kids at home!!
Skype training also allows users in remote areas to learn WordPress. We even teach people from interstate!

WordPress via Skype after hours

Saturdays and weeknights are also available.
All you need is Skype and an Internet Connection.

Training Cost – $110.00 p/h + gst.
Click to view our training rates

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the training rates for one person?

These rates are for one person only. See group training rates below.

$150  + GST – 1 hour * Conditions apply.
$250 + GST – 2 hours
$360 + GST – 3 hours
$480 + GST – 4 hours

* We only offer one-hour training to previous clients. And this must be booked in on a day that fits into our schedule. Weekends excluded.

What are the prices for the Group training?

We have the following options for a company or group training.

2-hour custom training – at Pyrmont office.

2 persons – $300.00 + GST ($150.00 pp)
3 person – $450.00+ GST ($150.00 pp)

WordPress course – 1 day – at Pyrmont office. 9.30-3.30 (6 hours)

3 persons –  $720.00 + GST
5 persons –  $920.00 + GST
6-8 person – $1220.00 + GST

What are the rates for training via Skype?

Business hours – 9 am – 5 pm
[minimum 1 hour]

1 hour – $110.00 + GST 
1.5 hour – $175.00 + GST  *must book the full 1.5 hours.
2 hours – $220.00 + GST  *must book the full 2 hours.

*Any extra Skpye time will be charged at an hourly rate of $110 per hour.

After hours – 6 pm – 8 pm
9 am – 5 pm.  Saturdays only.

  • $150 p/h + GST.
  • Minimum of 1 hour.
  • $75 + GST for each half-hour after.
What's the process for booking in some training?

Step 1

Email us below info [at] (this is to stop spam)
Let us know what training you would like.

Step 2

We will ask you to send us a brief of what you like to learn in the training.

Step 3

Then, we will decide how much training is needed to achieve your wishlist.

Step 4

Lastly, we will pick a suitable date and book it in.


Please note: We require all payments upfront before the training.

If you are attending our Build your own WordPress website course. Then the process is a little different.

Click this link to read more about this course.

Do you teach on the weekends?

Yes. We teach on Saturdays, only.

These rates are for 1-2 people only. See group training rates below.

$300 + GST – 2 hours
$400 + GST – 3 hours
$500 + GST – 4 hours

What can be covered in the training?

You may need to add or delete content, but you have no idea how to do this. You are too scared to do it by yourself, so you need a WordPress expert to guide you through the process.

Most clients come to us and want to learn how to do simple tasks that they can complete on a daily basis.

Examples of what we can cover in our WordPress training include:

  • Updating page content.
  • Editing images with a free tool to achieve the best size for the web.
  • Adding images to a page, post or gallery.
  • Updating or adding pages to the navigation menu.
  • How to create a Blog. And best practices for blog writing.
  • How to add links to content.
  • As well as YouTube videos. 
  • How to insert a PDF.
  • WordPress plugin training.
  • WordPress theme training.
  • SEO for WordPress with the best SEO plugin.
  • Social Media – like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

We can teach you just about anything in the allocated time we have.

We just need to have a look at your site before the training to make sure we are prepared.

Can I see the WordPress course outline?

We take pride in training in the latest techniques and regularly update our WordPress training manual. 

Download the short course outline here

Can you travel to our office?

Yes, we can travel to your office. Depending on how far you are from the Sydney CBD.

You may need to pay a travel fee of $80-$100 depending on where you are.

If you are located in the upper Northern Beaches we can travel to your home or office for free. E.g. Mosman to Deehwhy. After Deewhy we would need to charge an $80 travel fee.

Who is suitable for our WordPress training?

Beginners to advanced WordPress learners.

Examples of people that do our training:

  • Managers or staff of a company website.
  • Website owners.
  • A startup.
  • Graphic designers.
  • A complete beginner.
  • An advanced WordPress user.
Can I set up my own website in the short course?
  • Yes, you can.
  • However, we do follow a structured course in the 4-hour workshop.
  • We create a very basic website and don’t stray away from this.
  • If you need help building a professional business site which is outside our course outline this course would be the better option – Build your own WordPress Website Course.

Setting up on your own domain name

  • If you want to set up the mini-site on your own domain, you need to buy a domain and hosting before the course.
  • If you are learning WordPress for your job or to update someone else’s website, then you don’t need to use your own domain.

Click the below link to view our tutorial on how to install WordPress.

Can I convert Adobe Catalyst to a WordPress website?

Yes, you can.

If you have a website built in Adobe Catalyst and need to move to WordPress. We can help!

Our Build a WordPress Website Course is perfect for that. We consider this a development training course. Where we develop your site together and you learn on the job! 

Even if you are a beginner, we guide you every step, so you don’t need to have any knowledge of WordPress. 

If you are a more of an advanced WordPress user then this course will only enhance your skills further.

We can migrate your site from any type of platform in this WordPress Course.

Click here for more information.

What should I have ready before the training?

You must have the login for your WordPress site.

We also request you hosting login. This is important if we have to help you update the site. Without your hosting login, we can’t update any plugins or themes.

Is it hard to learn WordPress?

For some people, it is very easy. For others not so easy. But if you have the right trainer/teacher you should be able to learn to basics of WordPress in a few hours.

It really depends also on your theme. Some themes are highly customised, so makes it harder for you to edit.

We can help you solve this problem in our training sessions.

We just ask you to send us a list of what you need to cover. Then we will check your site to make sure its possible.

What is the difference between and

They are made by the same company. But have clear differences.

  • It is free up to a certain point.
  • You need to pay a fee to remove the ads and add your own domain name.
  • You can’t manage your own server or control panel (Cpanel).
  • That means you can’t access the server at all if something goes wrong.
  • Developers can’t develop files or templates because they can’t access the server.
  • You can’t manage your own emails.
  • It costs a yearly fee of around $300 AUD to buy plugins.
  • The free themes are limited. Only around 150.
  • You can buy themes but these are also limited.
  • Check the prices here.

  • The big advantage of .org is you can manage everything your self or your developer can.
  • You can edit the files on the server.
  • Rebuild page templates etc.
  • Manage your own custom emails.
  • You have full access to the control panel.
  • It has over 60,000 free plugins and over 5000 free themes.
  • And endless amounts of premium/paid themes.
  • So it is definitely more flexible for your business.

Based on my 10 years + experience with WordPress. I would definitely recommend


What are your terms and conditions?

All courses/training must be paid upfront.
We will send you an invoice due for payment.
We prefer bank transfer but can offer credit card.
Payment confirmation is required before your training starts.
We need at least 48 hours notice to cancel a course or training session.
We will refund the total cost of the training minus a small admin fee if before 48 hours.
If cancellation is not within 48 hours, we do not give a full refund.
If you book in and can’t attend the training because you are sick, the training is only valid for 3 months.
All training/courses are valid for 3 months only.

Read our Google Reviews

Rob Renton
Rob Renton
09:07 23 Jul 19
Great experience from start to finish. I sent over some ideas and got a great product in return. I'll be recommending and I'll use letsbuildawebsite more
Rohan Mail
Rohan Mail
04:18 14 Jun 19
Jodi is a superstar ! She patiently assisted my wife and I (both aged 50+ analogue types) to set up and even enhance simple WordPress websites - a truly wondrous, even amazing achievement ! She continues to assist me on my site/s, checking changes and advising on technicalities, updates and backups. I would highly recommend her services and training to anyone (even those with limited computer skills) wishing to get more
Ally Cronan
Ally Cronan
00:58 20 May 19
The platform our website was built on was about to be deleted, so we needed a new website fast. Instead of paying someone to build me a new site, I wanted to learn from scratch how to put one together, so I could successfully manage it going forward. I bought a ten hour Word Press training package with Jodi, where she came to my office over three days and we built the new site together - and all the while I was learning the Word Press ropes. The result is a top notch, fresh new website that has received nothing but positive feedback from all stakeholders. I'm so appreciative of Jodi for her professionalism, knowledge, patience and flexibility. I'm now confident I can maintain the site, and know I can call on her for technical input if needs be. Highly more
Sarah Bush
Sarah Bush
06:45 02 Apr 19
Let's Build a Website has done an amazing job with our Website using Wordpress. They also did our SEO giving us rankings we never more
Elipop Summers
Elipop Summers
00:27 17 Jan 19
I had zero knowledge of how to build a website when I contacted Jodi. My project involved heavy-content (50,000+ words and close to 150 images) and the task seemed insurmountable.Jodi’s Skype tutorials provided everything I needed. She is a technical WP whizz, a clear communicator and a patient teacher! She also gave me many helpful tips and resolved any problems that popped up along the way. Not only is my website live now, the whole process has been a five-star experience. I honestly don’t believe I could have found anyone better equipped for the task!read more
Jacquie Tang
Jacquie Tang
22:22 10 Dec 18
Jodi is a fantastic teacher She is very patient and detailed. I asked her heaps of questions and nothing is too much trouble ! I did the four hour course and found it informative and very practical. Her user manual that she provides with the four hour course is clear and easy to understand I would highly recommend Jodi to anyone wanting to learn word press. She has a way of making things easy to understand What I like about Jodi is she is flexible with the training. She was able to accommodate me based on my work schedule and she offers support after you do the course! thanks againread more
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