WordPress Training to suit everyone

We offer several WordPress training options.
[Customised] WordPress Training – to help you with your existing WordPress website. Learn how to manage and edit your own site including basic to advanced WordPress. Create your own Website –  we can help you build your own WordPress Website from scratch.  This type of WordPress training is perfect for someone who needs a website but can’t afford the prices of a web developer. We guide you step by step. Short Course – This is a structured WordPress course for beginners.
Our specialty is WordPress.org but we also teach WordPress.com. WordPress training available for individuals or groups in our office or yours.
Located in Sydney, Northern Beaches, Neutral Bay & Pyrmont.

WordPress Training for specific needs

Are you in charge of daily edits of a company or personal website?
This type of training will teach you how to manage and edit your own website’s content. People tend to book this training when they already have a website and need help on how to use the site and all of its features. All you need to do is, send us a list of things you need to learn and we can help you achieve this in the training.


$220.00 – 2 hours.
$320.00 – 3 hours.


Book a time to suit you.
Minimum of 2 hours.

wordpress training

Frequently asked questions

Why do this training?

Most clients come to us and want to learn “how to do simple tasks required to do on a day-to-day basis”.

This may include how to;

  • Add a new page
  • Edit existing pages
  • Add a new page to the menu
  • Add a Blog
  • Add a new post to a blog
  • Add and remove links
  • Add new images
  • Add a youtube video
  • Upload documents – PDF’s
  • Install a plugin
  • Add social media
  • Add a Google maps
  • Add a contact form
  • Add content to the footer
  • About the navigation menu, and how to add and arrange pages.
  • What widgets are and how to add them to the sidebar or footer.
  • What plugins are, and how to install and set them up.
  • How to add products to your shop.

Our WordPress training can help you with anything you need to know about WordPress.

  • We can help you set up your theme using the customise settings.
  • We can show you how to use the SEO Yoast plugin for WordPress.
  • How to edit images for the web. We see this problem time and time again.
  • Having high-resolution images will slow down your site dramatically and affect your Google rankings.
  • We can help you change themes (within limits).
  • What this means is; if your current home page is complex then we probably wouldn’t have the time to do this in 2 hours.
  • If it is a simple layout then this should be fine to change over in 2 hours.
  • Otherwise, you may need to book in the Create a WordPress Website.
  • We can also help you change a site from WordPress.com to WordPress.org – as long as it is not a big site.
Who is suitable for this training?

This WordPress Training is suitable for beginners to advanced users.

  • Administrators of the website
  • Someone who:
    • has never used WordPress before.
    • needs to manage and update the site.
    • knows basic WordPress but needs more advanced help
  • Anyone who needs help with WordPress
  • We can also teach more advanced WordPress edits including CSS, how to set up a shop, set up complex plugins and more.
What if I need more time?

Our [customised] WordPress training requires a minimum of 2 hours.
Skype Training – requires a minimum of 1 hour.

If you require more than 2 hours of WordPress training.

  • We may be able to extend the time depending on the training room availability.
  • Otherwise, you can just book in some more time at a later date.
  • If it is urgent, we can do WordPress jobs and projects on your behalf.
  • We just need a job brief from you and we will set up a fixed price to complete the task.
  • We will require your WordPress login details and will complete the job as quickly as we can.
  • Click for more information on our WordPress Support.
wordpress training

Build your own website

Have you started to build your own website but hit a roadblock?
You cannot afford a web designer and don’t trust outsourcing.
We build the site together. This may include; setting up hosting, creating the layout & design, adding complex features like a shop, events planner, or membership site. You learn how to edit and maintain it ongoing.
Perfect for a small business or a startup website. We guide you step by step.
The money you save can go towards your online marketing.
Learn how to market your website with our SEO Course.


Training Costs

We offer 2 packages

Basic website – $795

6-10 pages. [unlimited is available].
Social Media.
Customised home page.
Basic plugins like; security, backup.
Training and support.
FREE Divi theme worth over $100 AUD.
FREE Divi tutorials.

This price does not include hosting.
Hosting is an extra $160 per year, this includes an SSL certificate.
If you would like us to host your website this is an additional price.

Medium website with advanced add-ons – $1095

6-10 pages. [unlimited is available].
Social Media.
Customised home page.
Customised generic pages like; services, about, contact etc.
Basic plugins like; security, backup.
Setting up more advanced features like shopping cart, events management, membership, SEO.
Training and support.
FREE Divi theme worth over $100 AUD.
FREE Divi tutorials.

This price does not include hosting.
Hosting is an extra $160 per year, this includes an SSL certificate.
If you would like us to host your website this is an additional price.

You also receive

Our 60 + page comprehensive WordPress Ebook.
The Divi theme worth over $100 AUD.

Create a WordPress website - Course Outline

This is ONLY a BASIC outline of what we can cover in this course.

  • Install and set up on your domain.
  • Buying and Installing a theme.
  • Configuring the theme.
  • Setting up the basic page structure and layout.
  • Designing the home page.
  • Adding basic content.
  • Adding and editing images (web-friendly images).
  • Adding content to the generic pages e.g. contact, about, home, services, blog.
  • Adding an online enquiry form.
  • Adding plugins to set up complex functions of the site.
  • Adding a Search Engine Optimisation plugin and training you how to do your own SEO.
  • This is invaluable training and will save you thousands of dollars in online marketing when you are just starting a business.
  • You will also learn about web design and WordPress which will help you with ongoing web developers.

The course is totally tailored to your website requirements.

Click below to download the basic WordPress Training Outline.
WordPress Course.

Types of websites we set up in this course
  • Travel websites e.g. tours – free and paid.
  • Directories e.g. fitness, adult, dating.
  • Client portals e.g. a place where clients can login to view sensitive data, videos and protected content.
  • Forums e.g. a website where people can become a paid or free member and log in to discuss public or private conversations.
  • A membership site.
  • Websites that accept payments via banks, PayPal or Credit Cards.
  • Hospital websites e.g. St George ICU.
  • E-commerce e.g. retail shops.
  • Online portfolios.
Why do this training?
  • To build your own professional website.
  • To build websites for clients (graphics designers).
  • To set up your own WordPress theme.
  • To configure a complex theme.
  • To get expert guidance in designing the website layout.
  • To set up the technical side including domains and hosting.
  • To learn how to use the new website when it’s set up.
  • To set up complex plugins, a shop, a blog, page layouts, menus.
  • The training may include setting up the type of website you required for e.g. a directory, a travel website, an online portfolio, a client portal etc.
  • This can be a very tricky process if you are not a web designer.
  • Modifying the CSS code to change the look and feel of the theme.
  • Creating PHP code is NOT included in this training.
Who is suitable for this training?
  • A total beginner – to learn to build their own professional website.
  • Advanced WordPress users – to learn to build WordPress websites.
  • Small business owners – to re-design their website.
  • Startups – starting a website for the first time.
  • Small companies – who want a redesign of their website.
wordpress training

Short Course

This WordPress Training is suitable for busy people with limited time.
Learn how to build a mini WordPress Website in 4 hours. This is a structured short course. Includes;  installing & setting up a theme, Plugins and Widgets, formatting User / Google-friendly content, adding a Blog,  Social Media, YouTube Videos, Google Maps, Security.
Get our FREE 60-paged WordPress Ebook + Google tips.




Book a time to suit you.

wordpress training


WordPress Training Course Outline

WordPress Admin

The WordPress admin is where you edit and manage your WordPress Website.

  • Learn about the WordPress admin.
  • How to log in.
  • How to log out.
  • How to hide and move sections within panels.

Set up the WordPress basics

  • Set your site name and tagline.
  • Set time/date.
  • Set site language.
  • Hide your site from the search engines (until its ready).

User Profile

  • Set up your user profile.
  • How to change your email and password.
  • How to add a new user.
  • How to delete a user.

Set up the correct URL structure  

Having user-friendly URLs is crucial not only for the user but for Google.

We show you how to:

  • Set up Google-friendly URLs – [Permalinks].
  • How to modify URLs.

WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme is the design of the website.  You may already have one or are in the process of choosing a new design.

We will:

  • Discuss WordPress themes.

Show you how to:

  • How to install free themes.
  • How to install paid themes.
  • Where to source paid themes.
  • How to customise a theme.
  • How to delete unused themes.
  • We set up a free theme from scratch in the course.
  • We discuss responsive themes (mobile friendly).
  • And why they are so important.

Set up a Home and Blog page

  • How to set up a normal static website.
  • That is; to make the home page your front page and the blog as a separate page.
  • This is how a standard website is set up.
  • Discuss the homepage layout *unique to each theme

Add Pages

We will add some generic pages.

  • Home, About, Contact, Blog, Services, Service 1, Service 2, Privacy, Terms.
  • Then add some text – (dummy text).

Create a Navigation Menu

You need a navigation menu to allow users can navigate around your website.

You will learn how to;

  • How to add pages and subpages.
  • Place pages in order.

  • How to create another menu in the footer.

Pages overview

We will discuss:

  • The most useful features inside a page.
  • How to use the text editor.

Styling and Managing Content

We teach you how to add content to your website.

Including how to;

  • Format a Google and user-friendly page.
  • Add Headings.
  • Add Links – internal, external, email and phone links.
  • Add Images.
  • Add a PDF

Images/Media Library

We discuss where to get professional images from, that doesn’t cost you a bomb!

We teach you, how to:

  • Add images.
  • Edit images in WordPress.
  • How to make Google friendly images.
  • How to optimise images for the web with a free tool.
  • What is optimising and why it’s needed for fast loading pages.


Widgets are content boxes that allow you to add content to your footer and sidebars.

  • We discuss what widgets are.
  • How to use widgets.
  • How to delete widgets.
  • How to add some popular widgets to the footer and sidebar areas of your website.


YouTube is the second biggest search engine [and owned by Google], so it is definitely worth investing in. YouTube is free to setup and use, so it’s perfect to showcase your videos to attract more visitors to your website and brand.

  • How to add a YouTube video to a page and sidebar.
  • Why YouTube videos are important.

Google Map

A Google map is crucial for any business who has a physical location.

We show you how to:

  • Get the Google code.
  • And add a Google Map to the footer and/or the contact page.


We discuss the following:

  • What is a blog?
  • Why you should have a blog.
  • How a blog can help your site be more visible to Google and your users.

We show you how to:

  • Set up the blog.
  • Write your first post.
  • Format content.
  • Add images and text.
  • Add featured images.
  • How to control comments and spam.


Plugins are apps for your website.

  • We discuss what plugins are.
  • How to search for plugins.
  • How to install plugins.
  • How to delete plugins.
  • Plugin issues.
  • We will add the most popular plugins for a professional website.
  • For e.g. Social Media, Contact Form, Security, Backup and Anti-Spam

Contact Form

This is a great way to capture users contact details.

  • How to install and set up an online enquiry form.

Social Media

Every business should have Social Media to create brand awareness and help grow your website. Social Media is easy to add to your website with WordPress.

  • We discuss why Social Media is crucial for your business

We show you how to:

  • Install and configure a Social Media plugin.
  • Set up Social Sharing.

      Sharing is caring! – We set up icons that allow the user to share your content.  This is crucial for your website to grow.

  • Set up Social Follow

      Social Follow – allows people to like your Social Media Profile.


Spam can be detrimental to your website’s credibility with Google and other search engines. We teach you how to control this.  

We show you how to:

  • Install an anti-spam plugin.
  • Monitor comments.
  • Delete spam.

Backup WordPress

Backing up your WordPress site is crucial.  

We will show you how to:

  • Install and set up a backup plugin.
  • Configure the plugin to backup automatically.
  • Backup on a weekly basis.

WordPress Security

We discuss why security is so important for your WordPress website.

  • How to make your site more secure.
  • What plugin to use.
  • How to set it up and configure security on your site.
  • What you can do to keep your site safe.
  • What you can do to keep your site functioning properly.

Google Tips

  • Throughout the WordPress training, we talk about Google and what you can do to make your site Google ready.
  • We offer free tips that other courses DO NOT include.
  • It takes a long time to learn about Google and how other search engines rank your websites.
  • We are constantly learning and upgrading our skills every day to keep up to date with the trends in Google.
  • We also take pride in training in the latest techniques and keep all our E-books and Manuals up to date.

Training Overview

We will teach you how to set up a WordPress website from scratch.  In this course, you will set up a mini website in  4 hours.

Even if you don’t need to set up a new website, building the WordPress website from the very beginning in the course, will give you a better understanding of how to manage, edit and modify your website ongoing.

Click here to download – WordPress Training Course.

Why do this training?

The purpose of this WordPress training is to teach the client how to set up and manage a mini WordPress website.

  • Setting up a mini-site will help you understand WordPress from the core.
  • It will teach you the basics of WordPress and more.
  • This is not customised training. We follow a set course.
  • Including how to;
  • Install a WordPress theme – this is handy if you ever want to change the look of the website.
  • Create a navigation menu  – this will teach you how to edit and add pages to the menu. Which is crucial to managing and maintaining your website.
  • Add and edit pages – this is essential to managing a WordPress website.
  • Edit and add images to pages – we show you how to edit your images for fast loading pages. Which is what Google loves.
  • Format a page that is Google friendly – this includes how to add Google friendly headings, links, image tags and a call to action.
  • Free SEO advice –  this is important if you want Google to rank your website.
  • Plugins – these are like apps for your phone. Apps help increase the interactivity of your site.  We show you how to find them, and set them up on your site.
  • Widgets – help add content to parts of your site. We show you how to add and edit widgets.

If you need more than what is offered in this training – please see our training for building your own professional website –  Create a WordPress Website.

Who is suitable for this training?
  • Beginners – you just want to learn the basics of WordPress.
  • Company employees – who need to manage the company website in-house.
  • Business owners – who want to learn about their own website to manage it ongoing and save money.
  • Students – who need to learn to build a mini-site for their course.

Other reasons why you may do this training.

  • You need the 1 on 1 attention.
  • You need to ask questions relevant to your website.
  • You can pick a day and date that suits your lifestyle or work commitment.
  • This is for super busy people, who can’t make a group course.
Can I set up my own website in this training?
  • In this WordPress training, we follow a structured WordPress course.
  • We set up a mini website in this training.
  • This course is not for building your own professional website.
  • If you need help building a professional website which is outside of the course outline – see Create a WordPress Site course.
  • You can, however, set up the mini website on your own domain.
  • This means that what you learn in the training will be already set up on your domain, so you won’t have to do this again on your own.

Read this tutorial on our website to set up the website on your own domain.


  • We can set up your hosting and install WordPress for you.
  • This cost is $160 which includes your hosting for 1 year + SSL certificate.
  • You will need to purchase your own domain and send those details to us before we can set up your hosting.
  • If you need help setting up a website from scratch which is outside of the course outline (see above)  – see Create a WordPress Website course.
What are the benefits of setting up my own domain?
  • If you are doing this course to set up your own website.
  • Setting it up on your own domain in the course will be very beneficial to you because you won’t have to go home and do it all again on your own.
  • Once the course is finished, you will have all the basics of the site set up.
  • If you are learning WordPress for your job or to update someone else’s website that is already set up then you don’t need to worry about setting up the website on your own domain as this does not apply to you.

About WordPress

Why use WordPress?
  • WordPress software is FREE with your hosting.
  • WordPress is a content management system (CMS).
  • Allowing you to manage your own website.
  • WordPress has endless capabilities to build your site.
  • You can build any type of website with WordPress.
  • There are over 60,000 free plugins which allow you to build any type of website.
  • Plugins are like apps for WordPress.
  • Giving you amazing features and functions.
  • WordPress is user-friendly and easy to use for most people.
  • WordPress is suitable for any type of small business to a large company.
  • With WordPress, your website can grow when your business does.
  • You can build a small or large website with WordPress.
  • WordPress caters for mobile phones, which is now a major ranking factor in Google.
  • There are many tutorials online for WordPress, so the support is amazing.
  • WordPress is Google friendly so makes it easy to make your site search engine ready!
Benefits of WordPress
  • WordPress is free with any hosting package.
  • You can install it with one click.
  • There is a huge WP community out there, giving you endless WordPress training & support.
  • There are many free video tutorials on YouTube.
  • Plugins allow you to create any type of website.
  • Including; eCommerce, membership, events, blog, business, corporate, artist, photography, directories, portals.
  • WordPress is accessible from anywhere in the world with the Internet.
  • You can even design on your iPhone or iPad with a WordPress app.
  • You don’t need any technical skills to start using WordPress.
  • It has a built-in database and content management system, making it very expandable.
  • It’s is easy to learn and manage your website or your companies website once you are shown how.
  • You can save a lot of money by doing updates yourself instead of paying someone else to do it.
  • WordPress has over 5000 FREE themes for you to choose from and endless premium themes that have great support.
  • There are over 60,000 FREE plugins – giving the ability to make any type of website without the huge development cost.
WordPress Security Tips
  • Always keep WordPress version up to date.
    You can do this with one click of a button in the wp-admin.
  • Always backup your files and database.
    Just in case your site ever breaks or gets hacked, at least you will have a backup to restore your website and you won’t lose customers or your Google positions.
  • Always update your WordPress theme.
    This keeps it working properly and keeps potential hackers out.
  • Always update all your plugins.
    This keeps the plugins working properly and keeps potential hackers out by updating and fixing bugs in vulnerable files.
  • Never use “admin” as your username.
    This is too obvious, and hackers can target you easier with this username.  Always choose a username that is NOT obvious.
  • Always use strong passwords e.g Hir83spflaXlcm8v.
    Having a strong password is going to give your admin extra security as hackers will not be able to guess it as easily.
  • Make sure you create a temporary user login for third-party users.
    Never give out your own credentials.  You may have the same details for other accounts.  This then makes you more vulnerable on the Internet.  Create separate credentials for third parties and delete them after they have finished the work to be safe.
Is there any issues using WordPress?
  • You must keep WordPress up to date to keep it safe and functioning well.
  • This is easy, once you know how.
  • Make sure you update WordPress every time there is a new version.
  • The same process goes for plugins and themes.
  • Plugins and themes must always be kept up to date.
  • Once you are shown how it’s as simple as clicking a button to update.
  • Some themes can be hard to set up but we can help you with that with our course – Create a WordPress Website
  • We offer One on One WordPress Training for all previous students for $95 per hour.
  • We also offer WordPress Training online with Skype.
  • Contact us for more information.

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