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Our WordPress training helps people like you every day! You may have a company website that needs updating. Or need some WordPress advice on the best solutions for outdated WordPress websites, building a new one or help with websites that don’t work how you want them to! Get educated and take control of your website!



1 on 1 WordPress Training

Our WordPress training is for people or businesses who have an existing WordPress website, that need to update content or add complex features including plugins and more. All you need to do is send us a list of tasks you wish to cover. Then we tailor the training to suit what you need to learn in your WordPress website.

The training rate is $170 per hour (one person)

Face to face WordPress training in Sydney must be booked with a minimum of 2 hours. This training is also available online via Skype or Teams share screen. Minimum time – 1 hour.

  • We teach a lot of small businesses and companies how to edit and manage their WordPress websites.
  • Clients who want to make small changes, which can be completed in the training session.
  • Our clients walk away with new skills and confidence to update their sites ongoing.
  • Sometimes clients want help with setting up a basic site or adding plugins, images, pages, posts.
  • Our WordPress training is great for any person who wants to learn beginners to advanced WordPress.

 Our WordPress training is suited to:

  • Managers or staff of a company website.
  • Website owners.
  • Startups.
  • Small business.
  • Graphic designers.
  • A complete beginner.
  • WordPress developers.
  • Confident WordPress users.

This training is also available as a WordPress online course.

  1. You must have the login for your WordPress site.
  2. We may also request your hosting login.
  3. Questions you would like to cover.

Having your hosting login is important just in case we need to help you update the site. Without the hosting login, we can’t help you update any plugins or themes. Or add any files to the server if we need to. Please check all your logins work.

Yes. We have helped many startups set up a small site in a few hours. Often they may have a follow up session either face to face or online.

  • We can teach both WordPress.com or  WordPress.org.
  • With our 1 on 1 training, we can help you choose a theme – free or paid. And then show you how to populate it.

If you want a more advanced WordPress course, try our Build your own WordPress Website course

1 on 1 wordpress-training-sydney

Beginners WordPress

WordPress Short Course

Learn wordpress in 1 day with our WordPress short course for beginners. Learn to build a basic WordPress website from scratch including plugins, themes, pages, widgets, a blog and more. In addition, learn about Google and how to market your website to the search engines.

The training cost  is $595 for one person only.

Some people don’t learn well in a group, so prefer to have the 1 on 1 attention. You can ask as many questions as you like and not feel pressured to keep up with the rest of the class. This is also available as a WordPress online course.

This is a beginners WordPress course, that gives you a detailed overview of all the features you need to build and manage a WordPress site.

It’s suitable for;

  • Beginners
  • Employees who need to learn WordPress for a new job
  • Students
  • Small businesses
  • Startups
  • Graphic designers

Basically for anyone you needs to learn WordPress fast!

  • 4 weeks of free support via email *conditions apply.
  • Access to the test website for you to practice using WordPress.
  • A comprehensive 80-paged WordPress Guide developed by Let’s Build a Website. Which is updated regularly.
  • Google/SEO tips – to help the search engines see and rank your site better.

Setting up on your own domain name

  • If you want to set up the website on your own domain, you need to buy your domain and hosting before the course (with our guidance).
  • If you are learning WordPress for your job or for yourself, we provide a test site for you to work on if required.
1 on 1 wordpress-training-sydney


Online WordPress Training

Learning WordPress online is a great option if you work full-time and cannot attend training in an office. Many people prefer this, as they don’t have to leave their office or home. Especially mums with kids at home!!
WordPress Online training allows us to teach people in remote areas to learn WordPress. 

The training rate is $170 per hour

Business hours – 9-5PM
You need to book a minimum of 1 hour.

*Any extra time will be charged at $85 per 30 minutes.

After hours – $190 p/h


It’s perfect for time-poor people who can’t attend face to face training. Great for mums or full-time workers. Great for anyone who doesn’t want to leave their home or office.

Build your own Website

Build a WordPress Website Course

Are you looking for a WordPress development course to help you build a website for your business? In this course we can help you build a professional WordPress website!

You will receive some awesome resources including;

  • One of the most popular WordPress themes on the market – DIVI from Elegant Themes.
  • Divi is worth over $130 AUD, which includes over 250 free templates.
  • An up to date WordPress guide – worth over $100 AUD.
  • Free online videos from Elegant themes.
  • Resources to help you build your website.

This WordPress development course is suitable for anyone who wants to build a WordPress website for a business or startup. It’s also great if you have an old website that’s in desperate need of a redesign.

It’s the perfect solution for startups & small business.

  • Giving you full control over your website & ongoing costs.
  • We teach a lot of small businesses who have had a website built by someone else and can’t edit the site.
  • So we rebuild the site in a WordPress theme that allows them to edit the site themselves.
  • Saving valuable time and money.

This WordPress course has 2 options.

$990 – for 5+ pages, basic site.
$1400.00 – for 10 + pages and a more complex site with advanced features.

Clients come to us to build their own website for a few reasons.

1. To get the results you want

One of the most common reasons, is that clients have had a website built before and never got the results they wanted. Paying out a lot of money and not getting what you want is devastating for any small business.

2. Budget

Most businesses when starting out just don’t have a huge budget to pay a web designer. At least with a course there are no hidden expenses.

3. Don’t want to outsource

Outsourcing a website can be a very daunting process and often doesn’t end well. Especially if you know nothing about web design. Doing a course allows transparency, as you are present throughout the entire training and have your say in what gets done.

3. Learn to manage and edit

  • Many clients want to learn all about WordPress and how to edit their site ongoing.
  • Not only to save money but to save the delays in waiting for a developer to help them.
  • We hear this time and time again, that developers often take weeks before they even respond to a client’s request for support.
  • And then pay a small fortune for something simple that they could have done themselves, if they knew how.

This WordPress development course not only gives you the ability to build your own WordPress site but gives business owners control over their website.


We charge $170 per hour. *Minimum 1 hour (online).
Face to face is a minimum of 2 hours.

Yes, but they may be an additional charge for travel time. Approximately $85 – depending on the location. If you are located on the Northern Beaches, Sydney CBD, City, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and the lower North Shore then there is no travel fee.
  • All our courses/training must be paid upfront.
  • We will send you an invoice due for payment.
  • We prefer bank transfer but can offer credit card for an additional fee of 2.5%.
  • Payment confirmation is required before your training starts.

Click here for our full terms and conditions.

Yes, we do.

Click here to view our Google reviews.

Pyrmont, Northern Beaches, CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Sydney, North Shore, Western Sydney

They are made by the same company. But have clear differences.


  • It is free up to a certain point.
  • You need to pay a fee to remove the ads and add your own domain name.
  • You can’t manage your own server or control panel (Cpanel).
  • That means you can’t access the server at all if something goes wrong.
  • WordPress developers can’t modify files or templates because they can’t access the server.
  • It costs a yearly fee of around $300 AUD to buy plugins.
  • The free themes are limited. Only around 150.
  • You can buy WordPress themes but these are also limited.


  • The big advantage of .org is you can manage everything yourself or your developer can.
  • You can edit the files on the server.
  • Rebuild page templates etc.
  • Manage your own custom emails.
  • You have full access to the control panel.
  • It has over 60,000 free plugins and over 5000 free themes.
  • And endless amounts of premium/paid themes.
  • So it is definitely more flexible for your business.

Based on 10 years + experience with WordPress. We would definitely recommend WordPress.org.

Clients come to us and want to learn how to do simple tasks that they can do on a daily basis.

Here are some examples of what we cover in our custom WordPress training:

  • Updating content.
  • Optimising images so your pages load quickly.
  • Adding images to a page, post or gallery.
  • Editing the navigation menu.
  • How to add links.
  • YouTube videos.
  • Insert a PDF.
  • Creating a WordPress blog and best practices for blog writing.
  • Creating a membership or event site.
  • Plugin training.
  • SEO for WordPress.
  • How to add and use Social Media.

We can teach you anything to do with WordPress and even how to build your own website in only a few hours.

Step 1

Fill in the booking form.
Let us know what course or training you would like to do.

Step 2

If it’s our custom WordPress training, we will ask you to send a brief of what you would like to learn. Then, we will decide how much training is required to achieve this.

Step 3

Lastly, we will pick a suitable date and book in your session either somewhere in Sydney or online.

Yes, we supply an 80 paged WordPress E-book with our Beginners WordPress Course and our Build your own Website Course.

If you would like to purchase our WordPress Beginners Guide / Ebook, please contact us at info @ letsbuildawebsite.com.au

  • For some people, it is very easy, for others it’s not so easy.
  • But if you have the right trainer/teacher you should be able to learn the basics in a few hours.
  • It really depends on your theme. Some themes are highly customised,  making it harder for you to edit.
  • We can help you solve this problem in one of our WordPress training courses.
  • You must, however, be confident on a computer. If you don’t have basic computer skills you may find it difficult to learn WordPress
  • There are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from.
  • That’s why we love WordPress!!
  • If you want to spend around $50-60 USD for a premium theme.
  • Just click on the image below to view many premium WP themes from themeforest.net.
  • Otherwise there are over 6000 free ones inside your WordPress.org dashboard under Appearance and Themes.
  • WordPress.com only offers around 150 free themes.

Click the image to check out some WordPress themes (Ad)

We can convert the following:

  • HTML to WordPress.
  • Shopify to WordPress.
  • Squarespace to WordPress.
  • Wix to WordPress.

Our Build a WordPress Website Course is perfect for that.

We consider this a WordPress development course. Where we create the site together and you learn on the job!

  • Even if you are a beginner, we guide you every step, so you don’t need to have any knowledge of WordPress.
  • If you are a more of an advanced WordPress user then this course will only enhance your skills further.
  • We can migrate your site from any type of platform in this WordPress course.

Click for more information.

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