How to edit images

If you need to edit images for your website, using Picasa Google is a great solution!

The main reason to edit images for your website is to reduce the file size. This allows the page to load fast for your visitors.  Having a slow website means your visitors may leave and go some where else!!

Watch our video on how to edit images for free with Picasa.

You may need to edit images for the following reasons:

Dimensions of an image

  • You need to make the images dimensions smaller
  • NEVER put an image into your website that is larger than the width of your entire web page (some people do!!)
  • For e.g if your website is 1024 pixels in width then you should make your images fit into this width.edit-images

 Reduce image file size or resolution

  • Reducing the file resolution of an image is SUPER important because this will directly effect the speed at which your page loads
  • If the file size or resolution of your images are too big then it will take longer for the pages to load
  • This will have a big impact on the experience your visitors will have with your website
  • If it takes too long to download a page – they will LEAVE your website!!
  • So you need to reduce the file size so your images load quickly and your visitors are happy
  • The search engines also look at how quickly your website loads
  • Having a slow website may have a big impact on your Google rankings

Optimise your images

Optimising simple means to make the image file size smaller so the website can perform at it’s best!

Tips to edit images for your website!

  • Reduce the dimensions to be smaller than the entire width of your website
  • Reduce the file size or image resolution (using Picasa)
  • Name your images appropriately NOT image1, image2
  • Try to include a keyword when naming your images and a DASH instead of a space
    E.g. red-flowers-from-africa.jpg
  • Always use lowercase
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • When you insert the image into your website – add a title or alt text
  • This will describe your image to the search engines and visually impaired visitors


Original content written by Jodi Allbon 2013