Thread Together

Thread Together works with charities to help supply clothes to people in need. The client’s current website was built in a way that they could not make any changes themselves, thus having to go back to an expensive developer to do small simple changes, proving costly and time-consuming. The client wanted to be able to update and manage their own website whenever they needed and no expense.

Thread Together attended our 1 on 1 WordPress Training. We redesigned the site with a new theme in only 4 hours of training. The client had no prior web design skills but quickly learnt how to design and built the balance of the website herself. It looks amazing!!

This is the new website “Thread Together” built with the Divi Theme

thread together


What we did in the training

  • The first thing we did was move hosts to Quadra Hosting.
  • We use Quadra because they are one of the best hosts in Australia and recommended by Google Australia.
  • Moving hosts was essential in order to give back the client control over their website.
  • We then set up the new site behind the scenes while their live site was unaffected.
  • The theme we installed was Divi from Elegant themes as this is the most versatile theme on the market for WordPress.
  • Allowing anyone to design and edit their website ongoing.
  • Once the staging site was set up the client had the freedom to design in her own time.

We taught the client how to do the following:

  • To use the Divi builder to build page layouts
  • Custom design a page from scratch
  • Add Social Media
  • Add a newsletter signup with Mailchimp
  • Create images sliders
  • Customise colours, fonts
  • Edit and add images and video
  • And to set up a contact form

The client also learnt how to do basic SEO including setting up the Yoast SEO plugin and Google console.

Check out Thread Together’s website –

Written by Jodi Allbon 2018

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