Grace Kingston

Grace Kingston attended our 1 on 1 WordPress Training.  She wanted to get the most out of the WordPress theme and learn how to change the layout of some of the pages. Her WordPress theme was a tricky one but we managed to sort it out in 2 hours of one on one training. Grace did come from a digital background so was already familiar with WordPress so learnt very quickly.

Grace Kingston’s Website

grace kingston


What we did in the training

  • We taught Grace how to use the page builder – WP Bakery that came with her theme when she bought it.
  • WordPress page builders allow you to change the layouts of the page to be more creative.
  • The standard editor only allows you to add text and images from top to bottom with no columns or special layouts.
  • Grace learnt how to change the global fonts, colours and sizes.
  • And how to navigate around the theme options panel.
  • We also re-arranged all the blog layouts to be more consistent.
  • And sorted out her blog categories as they were a little unorganised.
  • We also changed some of the background colours of her pages from dark to white.
  • Making her website colours more consistent.
  • Grace even learnt a little CSS coding to style some of the fonts that we couldn’t change under the theme options.
  • Sometimes with WordPress, the theme doesnt allow you to change what you need to.
  • This is when CSS comes into play!
  • We are more than happy to do some CSS coding for the client in the training if required.
  • The navigation menu also needed to be more user-friendly.
  • So we added and removed some menu items allowing stories to be found better by her readers!
  • Grace also wanted to know how to update her site ongoing, so we showed her how to back up the site.
  • And keep WordPress, the theme and the plugins all safely up to date.

Check out Grace Kingston’s website –

Written by Jodi Allbon 2018

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