Hadyn Wilson

Pru came to Let’s Build a Website to learn how to build websites for herself and for a client Hadyn Wilson. Hadyn Wilson being a local Manly Artist. Pru booked in a few sessions of our 1 on 1 WordPress Training. The first site Pru had already started to do by herself. She set up a free theme called Kale, so we worked within that theme. The site is called www.locusnonconsequensia.com/.

The second site she wanted to build was – https://www.hadynwilson.com/. This time we used the DIVI theme. This is a premium [paid] theme that we gave to Pru complimentary for booking the training again with Let’s Build a Website. Pru found this theme to be more flexible than the free themes and very versatile. We love Divi!!

Pru had no web design skills what so ever, but managed to pick things up quickly.

This is the new website “Hadyn Wilson” built with Divi

Hadyn Wilson

What we did in the training

  • Set up WordPress on Quadra Hosting
  • Installed Divi onto the new site
  • Added new pages
  • And Instagram – as this is very visual and reflects Hadyn’s art well

We also;

  • Created a custom-designed home page
  • Created custom layouts for all the other pages
  • Add galleries for Hadyns art
  • Set up Social Media plugin and added it to the footer
  • Style the websites fonts and color via the Divi customiser section
  • Added a contact form
  • We also tweaked the mobile version of the home page to make it look nicer.

We also taught Pru how to apply basic SEO techniques to Hadyns website, including the Yoast SEO plugin and Google console. SEO – meaning how to make your website Google friendly, so people can find your website.

Pru learnt how to edit and update the site, how to add images to the gallery, write blog posts and more. We are very proud of Pru’s work. She did a great job after only a few training sessions.

Check out Hadyn Wilson’s website – https://www.hadynwilson.com/

Written by Jodi Allbon 2018

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