Christine originally came to me to learn how to use her current website. Slice of Life Tours – a unique tours website.

Unfortunately she was unable to because of the way it was built.  Sadly this happens a lot.  The website was built so that only a developer could update it and not an every day person.  She wanted to be able to change basic things but could not.   We decided the best option for her to save money was to change the theme/design so she had to options to edit what she needed, without paying expensive fees to the developer.

We built this site together over several sessions with – 1 on 1 WordPress Training.


What we covered in the course

  • We started by setting up a test site (on her hosting) to keep her current website live until we had finished the new website.
  • Installed & configured WordPress.
  • Copied over her current pages and blog posts to the test site.

We completed the  following:

  • We bought a theme from that Christine loved.
  • It was a big improvement from the current live site.
  • It was more appealing and had more options in the backend for Christine to add.
  • We created the unique home page layout, which Christine now has the ability to change as often as she likes.
  • She doesn’t have to pay $500-$1000 to a web developer for every modification she needs. She can do it herself!!
  • Christine bought images and got free ones from royalty free sites like –
  • Christine became more inspired with the new design of her website, knowing that it wasn’t going to cost her a lot to change it to what she wanted.
  • So she added lots more pages.
  • Created all sorts of layouts for the pages.
  • Added lots of tours with specifications.
  • The theme was built for a tours/travel website, so we populated the different sections in the website.
  • Christine learnt how to do all of this herself.

This website was quite a big job and Christine is still updating it herself on a regular basis.

Christine has also had some SEO/Google Training, to learn how to to get her website listed in Google on the first page for certain keywords related to her unique tours.  This is crucial part of marketing a website, to get traffic and customers.

The site looks amazing and i am very proud of Christines accomplishment.
Check out her website –

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