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Today I taught Blair how to build a WordPress website for his own startup business, called Blair Anthony.  Blair comes from a marketing background. He wants to offer his marketing skills to businesses so needed a professional website to present his information and sell his training courses.

Blair built this site after doing our 1-day course – Build your own WordPress Website.  Blair designed the layout himself based on ideas he researched from the internet.  We used the Divi theme to build the layouts and the rest of the website.
Blair created the unique design for the home page from the Divi page builder.  Click here to view – the Divi theme by Elegant Themes.

blair anthony


What we covered in the course

  • We set up the hosting together and installed WordPress via the hosting control panel
  • Blair learnt how to;
  • Set up and configure the WordPress software
  • Create pages
  • Add a Blog
  • Add a main navigation menu
  • Create the header and footer section of the site
  • Create a unique email for the website and how to add it to his Mac laptop and his iPhone
  • Create his layout for the  home page using the Divi builder plugin
  • Set up a newsletter signup
  • Set up a shopping facility for his course
  • Connect the shop to PayPal and Stripe
  • How to make the site secure
  • Add Social Media icons – follow and share
  • Add images
  • Format a page with headings, text, links
  • And how to add a form

Blair had 2 follow up sessions where we fine-tuned the website together and I helped Blair sort out a few things he was stuck with.  These were mainly alignment issues with the boxes on the home page, which just needed a bit of padding added to the boxes to make the layout look better.

Blair built the site over a few months with a few design changes.  But as you can see the end results is very professional.  The website looks amazing and he has done really well.

Check out the website –



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