Racklight – Website Creation

Brian from Racklight needed to build a website for his small business idea. He attended our Build a WordPress Website course.
Brian is an engineer and has designed very unique rack lights for bikes. The rack light ensures the number plate is clearly visible. Which is required by law. The websites required a shop with shipping. So Brian could sell the Racklight products that he has designed.

Brian from Racklight had no previous web experience but happily built the site with my help and guidance in the training.



What we covered in the WordPress Training

  • Installed and set up WordPress on the hosting.
  • Installed the Divi theme, which we give you for free with this course.
  • Brian already had his design idea in mind.
  • So we laid out the home page as a one page scroll.
  • This looks very effective for what he wanted.
  • Brian then added his pages.
  • He already had his content in Word doc.
  • Which made it easy to just copy and paste it into the website.
  • Then we set up and configured the shopping cart for WordPress.
  • Called Woocommerce.
  • Created the shipping for each product.
  • Then created a navigation menu.
  • Added some generic plugins for;
    • Security
    • Backup
    • Anti-spam – to ensure no bad comments.
  • Brain learned how to make his images smaller for the web.
  • This is to ensure pages load quickly.
  • He edited all images online with reduceimages.com.
  • And also added a Contact form.

The Racklight website was built over 2 sessions of 3 hours each.  In between sessions Brian felt confident enough to add more content and tweak what we did in the training.
He is also confident to continue to manage and edit his site when needed – saving lots of money.

Good luck Brian and look forward to seeing you sell lots of Racklights!!

Check out his website.

Click the link for more information about this Build a WordPress Website course.

Written by Jodi Allbon 2017


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