The Indigenous Australian Collective

Shelley from The Indigenous Australian Collective did our WordPress 1 Day Training Course in 2014. Back then this was a group course, where the students learnt all about WordPress. Including how to set up a basic website from scratch. Since Shelley has built and managed many WordPress websites.

Shelley’s latest creation is The Indigenous Australian Collective. The purpose of the website is to cultivate awareness of an ancient culture that is still in existence today. And to remind us of Australia’s rich heritage steeped in history.

The Indigenous Australian Collective

What we did in the WordPress course

  • WordPress was already installed on our test servers.
  • Because we had so many students, installing WordPress in class would have been too time-consuming.
  • But our comprehensive WordPress manual has full instructions on how to install WordPress.
  • Which all the students received a copy of.
  • Next, we installed a free WordPress theme from the directory.
  • Then, added some generic pages i.e. home, about, contact, blog, privacy and services.
  • Once we had our pages we could add a navigation menu.
  • The navigation menu is needed for visitors to get around your site.
  • The next thing we did was add dummy content into the pages.
  • This included;
    • Adding text.
    • Adding images sourced from free websites.
    • See this page for a list of sites where you can get free images from.
    • This is great if you are just starting out and don’t have a big budget.
    • We even added a YouTube video – this is easy once you know how!
    • Then we learnt how to format content and why.
    • This was to learn how to make the content easier to read.
    • For e.g. adding bullet points to break up big blocks of text.
    • Add spacing and headings.
    • This will help improve the readability score. Which helps with SEO.
    • Lastly, we added some popular plugins.
    • Such as security, backup, social media and a contact form.

Shelley learnt a lot in this one day course. Shelley went off on her own and set up several more websites just from this course.

Check out Shelley’s website and share please!!

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Written by Jodi Allbon 2017