Northern Beaches Estate Agents

Carolyne from Northern Beaches Estate Agents did our WordPress 1 on 1 Training.  A similar story to most clients.  Carolyn had set up a website herself, but hit a roadblock and needed some urgent help. She needed to get the website looking good enough to go live for her business.

She needed a website she could edit herself, that’s why we used WordPress and the Divi theme. Carolyn left the training with the confidence that she could manage the site on her own and of course we would advise her on anything she needed help with.

Northern Beaches Estate Agents

What we covered in the training

  • Installed the Divi theme.
  • We gave to Carolyne for free included in the training.
  • Added pages.
  • Set up a Blog.
  • Taught Carolyne how to use the Blog.
  • Set up MailChimp for newsletters.
  • Created a navigation menu.
  • Added generic plugins including;
    • Security
    • Backup
    • Anti-spam
  • Edited the images to make them web-friendly –
  • So all pages would load quicker.
  • Created a unique home page.
  • Added YouTube videos.
  • And added additional features:
    • Instagram feed
    • Social media
    • Contact form

We helped fixed her website in 2 sessions of 2 hours of WordPress training over 2 weeks. Carolyne is still fine-tuning the website but she is confident to do this now after the training.
Carolyne doesn’t want to be a web designer but she wants to be able to look after her website and not have to pay expensive fees to a web developer.

Check out the Northshore-Estate-Agents website –

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Written by Jodi Allbon 2017