Jo and Michele from Psychological Health Centre needed a basic website set up for their new business.  They needed to build a website suitable for clinical psychologist, occupational therapist, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy DBT.

They decided that the Setting up a WordPress Website course was the best course for their needs. In this course, we all worked together to build the site.

They had no web or design experience, just a few websites they liked the look of. They did have their logo pre-made.

Psychological Health Centre

What we covered in the training

  • Installed and set up WordPress on Quadra hosting.
  • Set up 3 customised emails – eg.
  • Installed the Divi theme [which we give you for free in this course].
  • Divi is a premium theme – valued over $100 AUS dollars.
  • Jo and Michele had a few websites they liked the look of.
  • Which we used as a guide [for design only] to build their website.
  • They wanted a simple home page.
  • With an image, some contact text and a contact button.
  • The goal was, for the user to contact them immediately after landing on their home page.
  • We got some free images from
  • Jo and Michelle also learned how to make his images smaller for web.
  • To ensure all their pages would load quickly for the user.
  • We used to reduce the file size of the images.
  • Jo and Michele learnt how to add page content with the Divi builder.
  • They are confident enough to add more content and manage the site after just one session of 3 hours.
  • Because their site was very straight forward and had nothing complicated to set up the website went live after only 3 hours.
  • We also added some generic plugins including;
    • Security – to keep the site safe from hackers.
    • Anti-spam – to ensure no bad comments.
  • In session two, we will go over how to make the website Google friendly with SEO techniques.
  • Using the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • And they will learn how to update the plugins, WordPress and the Divi theme to keep their site functioning properly.


Check the website.

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