Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia

Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia needed a website fast!  They had an important interview on the Today show. So needed the website to look professional and have enough content to be presentable to millions.

A team member came and attended our Build a WordPress Website course. They also wanted to build their own site not only to save money but to have full control of the website ongoing.

Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia Website

Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia


What we achieved in the training

First session


  • Setup hosting with Quadra. Our favourite hosting company!
  • Australian based and owned.
  • Amazing service by Aussies!!


  • Firstly, we installed the Divi theme.
    (This is an affiliate link – yes we do earn a little commission for referring Divi). We love Divi!!
  • We give all our clients the Divi theme when they book this course.
  • Divi is worth over $100 AUD. Divi is by far, one of the best themes on the market.


  • Secondly, we chose one of Divis free templates.
  • And built a custom designed homepage.
  • Using their own images and text.

Other pages

  • Next, we added all the other pages.
  • After that, we created a generic layout for these pages using the Divi builder.
  • We did this by creating a template from a page. Saving it to the Divi library.
  • Which, we re-used over and over.
  • Saving loads of valuable time!

Social Media

  • Social Media is a must!
  • So we added social media links to the footer of the site.
  • As well as the homepage layout.
  • Using the Monarch plugin supplied free with the Divi theme.
  • Allowing posts to be shared and users to follow their social profiles.

In the second session

  • Lastly, we added all the remaining content and images to all the other pages.
  • In addition, adding some crucial SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.
  • So people could find their website in Google and Bing.
  • Added a contact form.
  • And finally a blog. To help bring visitors to the site.

To sum up

Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia were very happy with the end result. Above all, they ended up with a professional website that could showcase how valuable their service is for the community.

Check out the website –

Written by Jodi Allbon 2018

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