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Linden needed a professional website for her new business venture – Living Essential Oils. We decided the best course for her to do this was – Build your own WordPress website. She chose the 10-hour package to ensure she had enough time to build the site. And then learn how to manage it. Linden just wanted to learn what she needed to successfully edit the site and add products when needed.

Linden’s goal is to build a website to sell essentials oils on behalf of doTERRA.

Check out the Website – Living Essential Oils

Living Essential Oils

What we did in the training

  • We installed WordPress and then the Divi theme.
  • The Divi theme and plugins are included in the cost of the course.
  • Worth over $100 AUD.

Tasks we completed in the training

  • Chose a Divi template relevant to Linden’s website.
  • Create the custom home page from a template.
  • Added text and images.
  • Linden had images supplied from doTERRA.
  • We edited these images to make them web-friendly.
  • Created a blog.
  • Linden learnt how to add posts to the blog. Including images.
  • This will help her get traffic to the site.
  • Which is crucial for any startup!
  • We taught her how to add SEO to the home page.
  • To help rank for important keywords.


  • The website needed a shop.
  • So we installed and set up the Woocommerce plugin.
  • Including the shipping costs.
  • We created all the categories for the products.
  • Then Linden learnt how to add products with images and prices.

Over the course of the next 2 sessions, Linden added all her products successfully. We completed each page with content and images.

Linden was very happy with the course as she got a beautiful professional website in the end. After only 10 hours of training. One she can manage herself ongoing. Avoiding costly developer fees.

Click here to check out the website –

Click the link to view more details about Building your own WordPress Website.

Written by Jodi Allbon 2018

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