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Amanda from Epoch Crew did our WordPress course – Build a WordPress Website. Amanda needed to build a website with a shop for her organic, eco-friendly sustainable products. Amanda works in the yachting industry and aims to bring awareness and educate consumers on how to better care for their clothes, their health and the environment.

She needed a website she could edit and add to herself, that’s why we used WordPress and the Divi theme. Amanda left the training with the confidence that she could manage the site on her own.

Check out the new website –  Epoch Crew

epoch crew


What we covered in the WordPress Training

  • Bought hosting from Quadra.
  • We used the Divi theme – for its great page builder and mobile-friendliness.
  • We installed and configured the Woocommerce shopping plugin.
  • Set up PayPal.
  • Set up an advanced wholesale login for her clients.
  • This enables clients to login to see pricing options.
  • We used a paid plugin for this.
  • We added additional pages and text.
  • Created a navigation menu.
  • Added widgets and generic plugins.
  • Security, backup and anti-spam.
  • Edited images with reduceimages.com so they would load quickly.
  • Added images to pages.
  • Add products and categories.
  • Create a unique home page layout based on Amanda’s ideas.
  • And added additional features:
    • Instagram feed
    • Blog
    • Social media
    • Products
    • Prices
    • Contact form

We did this in 2 sessions of training – 3 hours each.  Amanda was going overseas, so we had to get the website finished within a week. Amanda is still working on the site as she now has the training and confidence to do so.  She can work on the website anywhere around the world that has an Internet connection.

Click the link for more information about this Build a WordPress Website course.

Written by Jodi Allbon 2017

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