Let’s install WordPress from CPanel.

Install WordPress with a few clicks!  It’s easy and quick to install WordPress with CPanel.  Most hosting companies have CPanel these days.

CPanel is fast becoming the new trend, because it has a user friendly panel for you to manage your website;  including setting up an email address, backing up your website, adding parked domains and more!

After you have purchased your web hosting with your domain name you will receive a welcome email.  In the welcome email you will have all the details needed to set up and install WordPress; including a hyperlink to CPanel, your username and password.  The email will also have your FTP details.

  • Open the welcome email from your hosting company
  • Click on this hyperlink that goes to your CPanel
  • This will take you directly to the login screen for CPanel
  • Use your login details from the emailcpanel
  • Username and password
  • Once inside CPanel – scroll down to Software/Services
  • Click on the icon called Softalicious or Fantastico
  • It will then display all the software services available
  • Click on the WordPress icon
  • Click on Install
  • Choose the protocol https://www.
  • Leave the directory field blank
  • Rename the default database field (this is for security reasons), replacing the wp_ to something else
    For e.g. ja_
  • Choose a new username and password
    Make sure you write this down in a safe place
  • Choose and email address for correspondence
    (you can change this later inside the WordPress admin)
  • Name your website
    (this can be changed later inside the WordPress admin)
  • Give your website a description
    (this can be changed later inside the WordPress admin)
  • Click Install

Once installed it should display a message saying WordPress has been successfully installed.

  • It will then give you a link to the WordPress admin for e.g.
  • Click on this link and login with the username and password you just created in the install
    (I hope you wrote in down)
  • Now you can start designing your WordPress website
  • To view your website – simply type your domain name into a new browser window
    E.g.  www.letsbuildawebsite.com.au

Done!  It’s that simple to install WordPress with a few clicks!


Original content written by Jodi Allbon 2013

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