The steps to point your domain name to your website.

If you have bought your domain name from a different company to your hosting,  then you will have to point your domain to the hosting.

When you pay for your hosting the web hosting company will send you a welcome email that should contain the Domain Name Servers listed in the email. If the domain name servers (DNS) are not listed then you can contact the hosting company and ask them to send you the DNS servers.  There is usually two domain name servers.

Domain name servers will look something similar to this:How to point domain name


Once you receive these 2 domain name servers you are ready to point your domain name to your website.

The next step is to go to the company you bought the domain name from and log into your account.  When you bought your domain name you would of received a username and password.  If you can’t find this information simply go to the login section of the domain name website and click forgot password.  You will be asked to put your email address in; which will be the email address you gave them when you bought the domain name.  If all else fails you will have to contact the domain name company to retrieve these details.

Once you have your log in details for the domain name; log into the control panel and go to the domain name settings.  In the domain settings simply copy and paste in two domain name servers (DNS) from your hosting company. Make sure you delete the old domain name servers; if there is any. Done!

It may take 24-48 hours for this to process.  Once processed your website should be visible by typing in your domain name.

If you buy your web hosting and domain name together from the same web hosting company then you will avoid this step in setting up your website!

Click here for more information on how to set up your domain name and web hosting


Original content written by Jodi Allbon 2013


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