HCG Goddess

Donna from HCG Goddess needed some 1 on 1 WordPress Training to complete the business website that she started. She originally set it up in WordPress.com. WordPress.com didn’t have the functionality she required. So we moved it to WordPress.org.

To use wordpress.org you need hosting. So Donna had to purchase hosting in the training.


This is what we covered in the WordPress training

  • Moved WordPress.com to WordPress.org.
  • Bought hosting from Digital Pacific.
  • Even though we were changing the design.
  • Donna still wanted to keep the old text from the old site.
  • So we exported the text from WordPress.com into her new site on WordPress.org.
  • We did this using the export and import tool.
  • Which is free in WordPress.
  • Next, we installed the Divi Theme.
  • Which we gave her for FREE in the training.
  • This is worth over $100 AUD.
  • So Donna definitely got her money worth from our training.
  • The first thing we did was start creating new page layouts.
  • Donna had a few design ideas of her own.
  • So we built the page layouts based around this.
  • Each page had its own custom layout.
  • Then we added Donna’s text and images.
  • We had to edit all the images to make them web friendly.
  • Most images taken from phones or cameras are too big for your website.
  • So you must optimise them.
  • Meaning – make the file size smaller, so they load quickly.
  • Once we did this. We could then load them into each page.

Lastly, we added the following:

  • An Instagram feed – to show off her recipes.
  • A Blog – to bring visitors.
  • Social media icons – so people can follow her business.
  • Testimonials – from her clients.
  • And a contact form – so visitors can contact her.

We did all of this in 2 hours. Donna has continued to finish off the website brilliantly on her own.

This is the website – HCG Goddess

Check out the website – https://www.hcggoddess.com.au

Click the link for more information about our WordPress Training.

Written by Jodi Allbon 2017


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