Donna from HCG Goddess needed some 1 on 1 WordPress Training to finish her business website she started. She originally set it up in but it did not have the functionality she needed, so we moved it to

This is what we covered in the WordPress training

  • Moved to
  • Bought hosting from Digital Pacific.
  • Exported her old text from to
  • Installed the Divi Theme
  • Added additional pages with text
  • Edited and added images
  • Create a unique home page layout
  • Added the following:
    • Instagram feed
    • Blog
    • Social media
    • Testimonials
    • And a contact form

We did all of this in 2 hours. Donna has continued to finish off the website brilliantly on her own with our expert WordPress training.

This is the website – HCG Goddess

HCG Goddess



Check out the website –

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