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Tax Law Specialists came to us wanting to build a new website for a new business venture. Daniel actually had already used our services a few years back when we helped him build his first business website. We visited Daniel at his office and completed this website in 4 hours. There is still some work needed to complete the website which he will do himself.  Once again we used the Divi theme for its brilliance and ease of use!


Check out the Tax Law Specialists Website

Tax Law Specialists


What we did in the training

  • Daniel already had hosting so we just needed to install WordPress and Divi.
  • Once we installed Divi, we set up the basics like time, date, site title and tagline.
  • It is crucial to be in the correct time zone especially when blogging.
  • We then create all the pages required for his business.
  • The client loved the gold and purple so these colours became the highlights of his website.
  • DIVI has inbuilt templates that are sleek and professional looking.
  • Daniel was happy to use one of the law designs for his design which came with some amazing free images.
  • This made it quicker and easier for us to set up the shell of the website.
  • With Divi’s drag and drop features, just about anyone can build a website!
  • We also got some free images from which is a great royalty-free supplier of stylish images for websites!
  • Next, we added more pages and fine-tuned the layouts for each page.
  • Added a logo, a contact form.
  • Daniel learnt how to use the blog and add posts ongoing.
  • Adding a blog is crucial for every website to bring in visitors.
  • Daniel still needs to add text into the pages but is confident to do so.


Check out the Tax Law Specialists Website –

Written by Jodi Allbon 2018

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