WordPress Backup

Learn how to backup your WordPress website with a simple WordPress backup plugin.  Watch our video on how to backup WordPress.


Follow these simple steps

  • Log-in to your WordPress admin
  • Go to the Plugins panel
  • In the search field
  • Type in “simple backup
  • Click Install on the simple backup plugin
  • Activate the plugin
  • Go to the Settings panel
  • Click on Simple Backup
  • Configure the plugin first – see image below
  • Go to File Backup
  • Click Enabled
  • Go to the File Backup Format
  • Select – .zip
  • Go to Database Backup
  • Click Enabled
  • Go to the Database Backup Format
  • Select- .sql
  • Leave the FTP Storage unchecked
  • Click Save Changes



Now the plugin is configured we can make a complete WordPress backup including all the WordPress files and database!

  • Click on Create WordPress Backup
  • Leave your website for a few minutes until the backup is complete
  • Click the Refresh link – see image below



  • You should then see a zip file and a SQL file – see image below
  • Click on the download link to download both files to your computer




  • Save these WordPress backup files in a safe place
  • Keep this in case your website gets hacked or broken in any way
  • Contact your web developer to repair a broken website OR
  • Contact Let’s Build a Website to restore a hacked or damaged website

ALWAYS Make sure you BACKUP WORDPRESS before you update the WordPress version of your website!!

You can safely update the plugins and themes at the same time.

Custom Themes

If you have a custom theme, make sure you backup the themes style sheet separately.  ASK your developer if it is OK to update the theme yourself OR if they need to do the update. If you update your theme without the knowledge of how that theme was originally set up you may LOOSE the entire look of your website! BE CAREFUL!!

Please note: Let’s Build a Website takes NO responsibility for any lose of data after you have updated your WordPress version, themes or plugins.
Please make sure you know exactly what you are doing before updating your WordPress website!!

Click on the link if you need some WordPress Support.

Original content written by Jodi Allbon 2013



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