How to update WordPress Plugins

You must update your plugins to keep you site functioning properly and to keep it safe!  Watch this video on how to update WordPress plugins.

How to update WordPress plugins

Every time you update your WordPress version, you will then need to go and update all your plugins.  The developers of the plugins usually won’t update straight away, so you will have to update them once the new version is released. If you install the WordFence Security Plugin, it will send you email notifications when you need to update your plugins, themes and WordPress version.

  • Log-in to your WordPress admin
  • Go to the Plugins panel
  • Scroll over a plugin that needs updating – see image below



  • You will see a link under the plugin saying “update now
  • Click on update now
  • Allow a few minutes for the plugin to update

Bulk Plugin Update

You can update all your plugins that need updating in one go.
Just be aware that your website will be in maintenance mode for a few minutes depending on how many plugins you have in your WordPress website.

  • Select all the plugins that need updating
  • Go to the drop down (Bulk Actions) at the top of the plugin panel – see image below


  • Select Update
  • Click Apply
  • Wait a several minutes for your site to update all your plugins
  • Its always a good idea to check all the plugins are still working correctly after any major update


Original content written by Jodi Allbon 2013

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