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Web Design Courses in Sydney

We offer Short Courses in WordPress Web Design based in Brookvale, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
We also come to your home or office.

We specialise in teaching WordPress Web Design Courses on the Northern Beaches.
We offer one on one WordPress Training  and Google SEO Training.
We also teach a Wix Course.

Our Web Design Courses are:

Easy to Understand & Affordable.
NO Web Skills Required.
Suitable for any Learner.
Well Structured, Step by Step Manuals.
After Course Support *conditions apply.
We offer Ongoing WordPress Training.
Perfect for all Businesses, Start-ups or Online.

WordPress Course

Group WordPress Courses

Do you have a WordPress website but no idea how to use it?
Do you want to build your own website?
We can teach you basic WordPress to advanced WordPress.
Learn how to Build your own WordPress Website.
Our WordPress Training includes; adding a theme,
Pages, a Blog, Video, Navigation, Security, Backups.
We also Teach you how to Make a Google Friendly Website.
Read more about our – WordPress Course

Course Overview

You will learn the following:

  • How to create pages and posts
  • Add and format content
  • How to format a Google friendly page
  • How to add headings and format font
  • Create a custom menu
  • How to add email and links to a page
  • How to add a PDF
  • Add images to pages/posts
  • Edit images in WordPress
  • Add a Blog – crucial for Google
  • How to add YouTube video
  • How to add a Google Map
  • How to use and add plugins (add-ons)
  • How to use and add Widgets (add-ons)
  • Make your website safe and secure with WordPress Security
  • We offer everyone FREE Google tips, to help you get your website listed in Google
  • This is a beginners course and you will learn a lot about WordPress in this one day
Course Cost/Training Rooms

Course Cost – $299
Training Rooms – Brookvale

We offer:

Group Training
One on one Training
Venues in Brookvale, Northern Beaches
We can come to your home or office
Experts in Web Design Courses
Suitable for anyone wanting to learn web design
Or how to make their own website

Setting up a WordPress Site

Setting up a WordPress Site

Learn to Set up a WordPress Site in this training.
Choose a Design, we Build it Together in the Training.
We Sit with You and Help you Build your Website.
Perfect for Small Business and Startups.
You Learn How to Manage & Use your Website.
Add Content and create the Layout of your Pages.
We Help you Get your Website Up and Ready in No Time at All.
Learn more – about Setting up a WordPress Site.

Course Overview
  • In this training, we will Help you Set up a WordPress site
  • We will discuss with you what you need in your website and help you set up the rest
  • We will teach you how to use your website

This training includes;

  • Setting up the hosting (WordPress compatible)
  • Installing & setting up WordPress
  • Choosing a mobile responsive theme
  • Build the design and look of your website
  • Make a mobile friendly website – so it looks good on all mobile devices
  • Set up your home page layout – as this can be tricky
  • Set up a paid WordPress theme
  • We follow up with 2 Skype sessions of 30 minutes each.
    This support is to check you are happy with your new website and to help with any issues you are having.
Course Cost/Training Rooms

Course Cost – $695
Training Rooms – Brookvale

We can come to your home or office for an additional $100 for travel cost and travel time.

1 to 1 WordPress Course

1 to 1 WordPress Course

This 1 to 1 WordPress Course is for busy people.
Who may not have the time to attend a group course.
You come to us in Brookvale and we teach you WordPress.
Get 1 on 1 attention from a WordPress Expert.
Ask specific questions relating to your website.
Learn more – 1 to 1 WordPress Course

Course Overview

This course has the same content taught in our 1 day WordPress Course
Except you come to our Brookvale office and learn it one on one.

Why would you do this course?

  • for people with limited time
  • for people you need the extra one on one help
  • for slow learners
  • for people who don’t like group learning
  • for people who want a little customised help

We do follow a structured course but we usually have time to go over anything else you need more help with.

This could include;

  • help with finding and choosing the right theme
  • help with finding and choosing the right plugin
  • how to set up a theme
  • how to set up a plugin
  • how to move a site

This is a beginners course and we cover a lot of content.

If you learn fast then the extra time, can be used to help you with something else WordPress related.

Course Cost/Training Rooms

Course Cost – $395 ($495 for Saturday)
Training Rooms – Brookvale
Time – 9.30am – 2.30pm

SEO/Google Training 1 on 1

SEO / Google Training 1 on 1

Do you Need More Visitors to your Website?
Learn How to Make your Website Google Friendly.
Get Listed on the First Page is a Must  – We know How.
Learn What you Need to Do to your Website.
Including On-Page, Off-Page SEO, Back-linking and more.
Read more about SEO/Google Training

Course Overview

You will learn the following:

  • How to make your website more user friendly
  • The search engines want your website to present well to your visitors
  • This includes easy navigation, clear goals, easy to find information
  • We talk about this and show you what you can do to make your website more user friendly
  • We discuss Keywords and show you how to find the best ones for your website
  • How to research Keywords
  • Some free tools to help you research the right keywords
  • Learn about your competition
  • Learn about On-Site techniques – things that you can do to within your website
  • Learn about Off-Site techniques – things you can do outside of your website
  • How to apply these different techniques to your website
  • Learn about Google my Business and how it can help you
  • We discuss how to connect to other powerful websites
  • Blogging – we talk about how blogging is important to the success of your website
  • This is a beginner course
  • We cover a lot of information in this course based on our years of experience in the web design industry
Course Cost/Training Rooms

1 on 1 Training Cost – $220.
We can come to you for $320.

Training Rooms – Brookvale

1 on 1 WordPress Training

1 on 1 WordPress Training

Do you need help with your WordPress Website?
We can teach you at your Home, Office, Our Office or Online.
Learn about Basic WordPress or Advanced Features.
We can help with Setting up a complex Theme or Plugin.
Set up a Blog, Navigation, How to Edit & Add Images.
We can teach you SEO for WordPress.
We have Lots of Experience with WordPress and can help you.
Read more about 1 on 1 WordPress Training.

1 on 1 Training Overview

We can teach you anything about WordPress

  • If you need some one on one training to get help with anything in WordPress – we can help you!
  • You may have got someone else to build the site for you, but need help learning how to use certain features of the site

1 on 1 training may include;

How to:

  • Install WordPress
  • Move your site to another host
  • Move your test site to the main domain
  • Set up a new theme
  • Change from one theme to another
  • Edit a Theme
  • Set up a navigation menu
  • Edit images so they load fast and don’t slow down your website
  • Set up a members site
  • Set up a shopping cart with PayPal
  • Set up complex shipping
  • Start Blogging and write your first post
  • Add videos
  • How to find and Install Plugins
  • Set up complicated Plugins
  • Backup WordPress and add security to keep it safe from hackers
  • How to restore a hacked site
  • Set up Page Structures
  • Set up a normal home page and a separate blog page
  • How to make your Website Google Friendly – we can show you how to set up SEO for WordPress and more
1 on 1 Training Cost
  • If we come to you – $100 p/h.
  • With a minimum of 2 hours.
  • If you come to us in Brookvale $90 p/h.
  • With a minimum 2 hour.
  • Skype Training – $80 p/h.
  • With a minimum of 1 hour.

Training Rooms – Brookvale

Make a Website with Wix - 1 Day Course Sydney

Wix Course

1 on 1 Wix Training
Do you need a website?
Learn how to Make a Website with Wix.
Wix is great for beginners with no web skills.
Its drag and drop software, easy to use.
Wix has professional designs to choose from.
Choose a design, set up pages and be online in a day.
Read more about Make a Website with Wix.

Course Overview

You will learn the following:

  • How to make a website with Wix
  • How to add pages and content
  • How to add a Blog to get more traffic
  • Add Social Media
  • Add a contact form
  • Add images and galleries
  • add a YouTube video and Google Map
  • This is a beginner course (1 on 1)
Course Cost/Training Rooms

Make a Website with Wix
Course Cost – $395.
Time: 9.30am-1.30pm.

This course is currently taught on demand, so is 1 on 1 training in our Brookvale office.

Training Rooms –  Brookvale

WordPress Training 2 Day

Advanced WordPress

The Advanced WordPress Course includes;
Our 1 Day WordPress Course
8 Hours of Exclusive Online Videos.
Exclusively Designed for You.
To Ensure your Website is Professional.
Video Access for 12 months.
Learn SEO for WordPress.
Read more about Advanced WordPress

Course Overview

Advanced WordPress is exclusive online video training


Advanced WordPress Course includes;

  • How to edit your images for your website – this is very important for Google as well as your users
  • Add client reviews or testimonials
  • How to add a slideshow
  • And a gallery of images
  • Learn about shortcodes and how to use them
  • Add an advanced form
  • How to change fonts within your theme
  • Add a signup with Mailchimp
  • How to display different content of different pages
  • How to make a Google friendly website with SEO for WordPress – This is a MUST!!
Course Cost/Training Rooms

Course Cost – $99.
Training Room – This course is online.

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