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Wix Course Sydney

Do you need a website and you need it online fast?
Do you need a website you can manage yourself to save money?
Are you a start-up business and don’t have a big budget?
Then Wix is the perfect solution to build a website.
Walk away from this Wix course with your own professional website set up and ready to add your own content!
Our Wix Course is currently taught on demand.
Located in Pyrmont and the Northern Beaches.
wix course

Wix Course Overview

Create a mobile-friendly design.
Make professional page layouts.
Add pages with text & images.
Use the navigation menu.
Format content e.g headings, links, PDF’s.
Add a slideshow & gallery.
Add a Blog & Social Media.
How to install Apps.
Add a contact form.
Add a Google Map & YouTube video.
How to set up on your own domain name.
wix course
 wix Course

Wix course information

Absolute beginners course.
Drag and drop features.
Mobile friendly design.
No coding required.
The website is built online.
TAE Certified Trainer.
Works on PC or MAC.
No hosting required.
Free Google tips.
FREE Wix E-book provided.
Free Facebook questions after course. * Conditions apply.
Training Dates
Currently, our Wix course is taught on demand. We will teach 1 on 1 for $395 at our Neutral Bay or Pymont office or we can travel to you. This is an additional cost. Call us to arrange a suitable date call:  +61 408 406 785.
What does Wix cost?
WIX PRICING To set up a Wix site is free.
But if you wish to add your own domain name and remove advertising then you need to pay a monthly fee.

The package we recommend is $8.50 USA a month.
Approximately $10.00 AUD per month.

Check out the Wix pricing below: https://www.wix.com/upgrade/website

Pre-requisite for training
  1. You need to purchase a domain name. This is the name you wish to call your website.
  2. If you have already done this then please ignore this step.
  3. Go to the website below to buy. If you are an Australian business then it is best to buy the .com.au version.
  4. https://au.godaddy.com/domains/domain-name-search
  5. Bring the login details to the domain to the training.
Choose a design for Wix
We can choose the design or template of your website on the day but it is a good idea for you to have a look at the templates before the training.

Click on this link to have a look and maybe choose one ready for your training. https://www.wix.com/website/templates

Do I need a logo?
You can use the Wix text logo.

But if you really want your own design, then you need to get a logo. 
If you have a logo bring this to the training in either jpg or png file format.

If NOT – here are some websites to help you make your own logo.

To buy a logo

We also have a graphic designer you can use to design your logo.

Please just ask us how.

What type of website will we create?
We can set up a test site, so you get the full experience of setting up a website from scratch with Wix.

If you want to build your website in the course we can do that as well.

This includes;

A domain name.
You will use a temporary domain on the day and then you can easily add your own domain later.
This just ensures no one will find your site until you are ready to go live.

A professional design.
You get a wide range of designs to choose from.
To choose the correct theme for your website by doing some research first.
Once the theme is chosen you can not change it without building a new website.
So that’s why we use a test site first.

Mobile friendly website.
Your Wix website will look good on all devices because all Wix themes/designs are automatically created for mobile as well.
You can also tweak the mobile view from within Wix.

in the course, we will add some generic pages and show you how to edit these in the navigation menu.  You will be able to add as many pages as you want after the course.

We will add some dummy text on the day or your own if you have it ready.
Please bring your text in a Word or Google document if you have it.

You will add some dummy images on the day.
Then you can add your images later at home – it’s very easy!
Wix is amazing as it supplies you with a huge range of free images and paid ones from within Wix.

Blog You will learn how to add a blog.
Having a blog is a great way to add fresh content to your site and keep your visitors engaged.
Google loves fresh content.

A blog could include;

  • Tutorials.
  • how to’s.
  • News & updates.
  • Business activities and more.

Page Layouts.
We will show you how to re-create page layouts.
This gives you more control over the look of your pages.

YouTube video.
We will show you how to add a YouTube video.
YouTube video is great for your visitors and the search engines.

Google Map Adding a Google map is handy for your visitors and keeps Google happy. We like to make your Wix website as user-friendly as possible. Contact Form We add a basic contact form for your visitors to get in touch with you!

Slideshow or Image Gallery.
Perfect for anyone wanting to display images as a slideshow or a gallery.

Social Media.
We will add social media to your Wix website.
You will need to have these accounts set up first.
If you don’t you can always add them later once you do!
Social Media is a crucial part of a business, as it creates online awareness about your business on the Internet.
Google likes this too!

We will show you the apps that are available to Wix.

This course will teach you how to Make a Website with Wix from scratch with no coding or technical skills required.

Cost & Training Location

Make a Website with Wix – $420.00

You can come to our training rooms at Pyrmont.
We can come to your office [CBD, The Lower North Shore or Northern Beaches only] for an additional $100 to cover travel time and expenses.

This is a 4-hour course.
You can choose any time during office hours.
We teach this in 2 x 2-hour sessions or 4 hours straight if your keen!

We can also teach you on a Saturday for an additional $100.

EMAIL for more details.

What we GIVE you
  • E-Book with instructions.
  • TAE Certified Trainer.
  • An easy to follow course.
  • Website advise.
  • Expert knowledge to manage, update and maintain a simple website.
  • Email for more details about our Make a Website with Wix Course.
Who should do this course
  • A TOTAL beginner with little or no technical skills.
  • You MUST have basic computer skills.
  • Small businesses that want to create a website.
  • Perfect for a start-up website with little or no budget.
  • A small business owner who needs a professional website that is easy and quick to get online.
  • Anyone who wants a website that they can update and maintain themselves to save money!
  • This web course will teach you how to make a website with Wix course and get you live on the Internet in 1 day.
How many people in the course
At this stage, our Wix Course is 1 on 1 training for one person.

If you require a group training session, we can organise this.

Please email [email protected] or call +61 408 406 785 for a quote.

What you need to bring
  • Login to Wix [only if you have this already]
  • Domain name login.
  • Your laptop and power cord. If you do not have one we will supply.
  • Wifi is supplied (make sure your computer connects to wifi).
  • We supply you with our latest up to date Wix E-book.
  • Pen and paper to write notes.
  • Design ideas.
  • Any images, logo or text you have.
  • Any questions you may have.
Wix Vs WordPress?
This option is based on our professional experience in the web design industry (over 10 years).  It is entirely up to you which software you choose to build your website with.

  • Wix is a great website builder.
  • Wix is not a content management system.
  • So you are limited to what you can manage in the backend.
  • It is perfect for start-up businesses with a small budget.
  • It’s great for anyone who wants to design their own website themselves.
  • It is free up to start with.
  • Once you want to remove the Wix ads, you then need to upgrade to a paid plan.
  • The plans are relatively good value.
  • Check out this link – https://www.wix.com/upgrade/website
  • Wix is drag and drop so it is fairly easy to use for someone who is not very technical.
  • It has a lot of professional design to choose from.
  • Once you have chosen a theme you can’t change it without re-building the site.
  • It’s mobile friendly by default.
  • It is possible to tweak the mobile slightly view within Wix.
  • It has free apps (applications) to use.
  • Apps can add great features to your website for e.g. Facebook, newsletter signups, booking system and much more.
  • There are also paid apps as well.
  • You do not need to buy hosting as Wix hosts your site within the packages.
  • You can add your own domain.
  • Wix now has basic SEO features to make the website more Google friendly.
  • WordPress is a content management system.
  • This means you as a website owner can manage the entire backend and frontend of the site, without restrictions.
  • WordPress software is free to install on any hosting.
  • You can use WordPress.com or WordPress.org.
  • WordPress.com doesn’t need hosting. It’s free to start with.
  • To remove the ads, you need to upgrade to a paid plan.
  • The plans are relatively good value.
  • You need to buy hosting for WordPress.org
  • You can add your own domain and email to WordPress.org
  • WordPress admin is more advanced than Wix.
  • You can manage all your site from within the WordPress.org admin.
  • It can have multiple users that can manage different parts of the website.
  • Depending on the theme, you can have drag and drop features.
  • It has over 5000 free professional themes to choose from.
  • Check out this site for paid themes.


  • It also has 1000’s of paid ones you can buy from the Internet.
  • It has mobile friendly themes available.
  • It has free plugins.
  • Plugins are apps for WordPress.
  • There are over 60,000 free plugins.
  • Plugins can add any type of functionality or feature to your website.
  • You can build any type of website with WordPress – small to large business websites.
  • The possibilities are endless.
  • Check out these amazing sites built in WordPress – https://wordpress.org/showcase/
  • Check out our WordPress Training.

Check out our SEO Training  Course.

Contact us for information about our Wix Course.

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