Waves Byron Bay

The owner of Waves Byron Bay (Amy) came to us for some Wix training. Her current website was in HTML and she had already decided to use Wix as her website platform.   So we built the new site in Wix instead of WordPress.

This was the old site

Problems with the old site

  • The old site was not mobile-friendly.
  • It was coded badly causing it to be slow.
  • The design was messy and cluttered.
  • Images were missing.
  • So the quicker we re-built the site the better!

What we did in the Wix training

In the first session we did the following:

  • Set up the free Wix account.
  • Amy chose a template that was suitable for the hotel.
  • Once you select a template.
  • Wix makes it easy to add content to this template.
  • It’s just a matter of either typing the text or copying and pasting it in.
  • So we started adding content including; images and text.

What we did next..

  • The website needed to connect to their booking system.
  • So we got the code from their current booking site.
  • And embedded it into the site.
  • Then styled it with CSS.

Next we..

  • Added all the pages.
  • Started adding content.
  • Then, created a contact section with a form and map.


In the second session

  • The next big job we had was to create the different types of accommodation.
  • Including a booking button that linked to the booking site.
  • And a deals page with interactive code.

The last thing we did

Was to create a signup box to collect emails. This was so the marketing team could send out regular newsletter campaigns.

SEO for Wix

We also set up SEO for the site and add SEO titles and descriptions to each page.

To sum up

We built the Wix site over 2 sessions. Amy was happy with the end result. As the site looks modern and is now mobile-friendly. Also, it is easy for Amy or any staff member to edit and maintain the site.

Click the link if you would like some Wix training.

View the new site – www.wavesbyronbay.com.au

Written by Jodi Allbon 2019.

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