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Saltbush Collective needed to set up a website for a community-based project, so attended our Build a WordPress Website course. The client – a Manly local wanted to give back to the community by providing a variety of workshops for people from all types of demographics could participate it.

What we covered in the training

  • Installed and set up WordPress.
  • Installed Divi. A premium WordPress theme.
  • DIVI comes with the course for FREE.
  • The client had a few design ideas to choose from.
  • So we used these websites as a guide.

In the first session, we set up:

  • Generic pages like; home, about, contact and blog.
  • Added a contact form.
  • An image slider on the homepage and added images on the other pages.
  • We optimised the images using
  • To ensure the website loaded quickly, as big images will slow down a site.
  • We created a shop for the workshops using the Woocommerce plugin.
  • And set up a payment system with PayPal.
  • Then added some “must have” plugins including;
    • Security – to keep the site safe from hackers.
    • Anti-spam – to stop spam comments in the site.
    • Social Media – Facebook and Instagram.


In the second session we completed the following;

  • Added a Pinterest and Instagram feed in the footer.
  • Set up an events plugin which integrated with the Woocommerce shop.
  • This would allow customers to book and purchase an event from the website without leaving the website.
  • The client learnt how to add workshops /events so this could be done ongoing.
  • We set up numerous events with dates, times and detailed information.
  • Then added a newsletter signup for the home page, which connected to Mailchimp.
  • A Blog was created to bring in more visitors, and the client learnt how to add and manage posts.
  • Lastly, we added some Search Engine Optimisation to the home page.

Check out Salt Bush Collective’s website.

Click the link for more information about this Build a WordPress Website course.

Written by Jodi Allbon 2017

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