Today I taught Michelle and Catherine from Dural.  They wanted to set up a site for their new business – “Our Sacred Space”.
This is a place where where you can receive alternative treatments, hire a space, do meditation classes and buy unique products.

Michelle and Catherine looked at a few website’s online and came with some ideas for the look of their website.
One of the main features we needed to set up in the training was the shop and the shipping for the products. Everything else was quite straight forward.

Michelle and Catherine did our –  Setting up a WordPress Site course to build and create their website. We used the Divi theme.
Click here to view –  Divi by Elegant Themes.



What we covered in the course

  • We set up the hosting and domain name.
  • Installed & configured WordPress.

Michelle and Catherine learnt how to;

  • Create their pages.
  • Create a Blog.
  • Create posts for their blog.
  • Add a navigation menu for users to easily navigate their website.
  • We then created the home page layout together based on some of the websites Michelle and Catherine liked.
  • We got the images from some free image websites that had no copyright attached to them.
  • We installed and set up the WooCommerce plugin for their shop.
  • And connected it to PayPal.
  • We then added some flat rate shipping costs to the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Set up a What’s on calendar – see this page –
  • They learnt how to make the site secure.
  • And how to backup the website.
  • We set up their Social Media.
  • And added a contact form with contact details.

Michelle and Catherine are still working on finishing the site but at least it is live now, so they do have a website presence.

The site looks amazing and we look foward to seeing it completed.  Check out the website –



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