Jacqui L

Jacqui L is a musician and writer.  Amazing women!!  We did some 1 on 1 WordPress Training with Jacqui L, so she could edit some parts of her website and manage her website ongoing. Her website was already built in WordPress but we ended up changing the theme to Divi because her theme was so customised she could not change anything without knowing code.

Jacqui L just wanted to add basic things like update her Vimeo videos, write blogs and add text and images. Some of the functions on her site went working due to the old theme, so we fix them to have her website perfect for showing potential clients.

This is what we covered in the WordPress training

  • How to embed Vimeo videos.
  • How to add video streaming to her album online.
  • Set up a shopping cart to sell her album as a digital download.
  • How to sell merchandise such as T-shirts and accessories from the site.
  • How to update WordPress.
  • How to up the plugins to keep the site safe from hackers and working properly.
  • We taught Jacqui how to use the Divi builder plugin to add her albums to her site.
  • She also learnt how to optimise her images for fast loading pages.
  • We also made speical buttons to add to her navigation bar.

This is the Jacqui L website home page

Jacqui L

Click the link for more information about our WordPress Training.

Written by Jodi Allbon 2017.

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