Cool WordPress Plugins

Here is a list of some cool WordPress plugins that we recommend!

There are so many plugins for WordPress now and it’s amazing the capability of some of these plugins!  The following plugins are some generic plugins that you may want in your website when you first set it up; including social media, database backup, display different content for different sidebars,


Social Media Feather

This social media plugin gives you:

  • Social media icons – allowing users to follow your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc.
  • Social share – allowing users to share your articles on their profiles by simply clicking on the relevant icon
  • The social share buttons can be placed above and below a post
  • The user can just click on it to share the post on their social profiles
  • You as a web master can also use this plugin to share your own articles on your social media profiles
  • What a time saver!!

How to set up Social Media Feather

  • Install and activate
  • Go to Settings > Social Media
  • Un-check > Show Credit
  • Click the following options:
    • Display Sharing Buttons
    • Share Buttons Position – Choose After Post
    • Sharing Single Posts
    • Icon Size – Choose your size
    • Go to Service Providers
    • Go to the Service > choose Share & Follow
    • Choose your providers
    • Paste your provider URL in the Follow Link
    • Choose none for the providers you do not want

    That’s it!

Now when you write a post, you can share it on your social media profiles and your readers can as well!!


WP Database Backup


Your WordPress database is the most important part of your website.  It stores all the content in your website, including your posts, pages, text and images and more.    If your website was damaged or hacked in any way, your database backup file would enable you to restore your website to its original state.

If you don’t currently have a way to backup your database install this plugin immediately!!

Now you have scheduled a regular backup of your database, which is most important step in keeping your content safe and will allow you to restore your site if anything was to happen!!


Shortcodes Ultimate


Shortcodes give your WordPress site more capabilities.
Shortcodes include such features as; headings, read more links, tabs, accordians, lists, columns, drop caps, buttons, boxes and much more.

  • Install Shortcodes Ultimate
  • Activate
  • Go to a page
  • Click on Insert Shortcode
  • Choose what you want to add
  • Save

You can add just about anything to a page or post using a short code.



Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

black studio tinymce widget

Have you noticed that the text widget gives you no options to add links, images or any text formatting without adding HTML code.
This widget will give you all the same formatting tools that you for a page or a post.


  • Install Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
  • Activate
  • Go to Widgets
  • Drag and drop a Visual Editor Widget to you sidebar
  • Then add what ever you want to that widget!

Now you can add any content you like to your widgets.

A great widget that works well with Black Studio is the Ultimate Advanced TinyMCE.  This plugin allows you to add more options to your visual editor, like font size, font family, YouTube videos, Email links, tables and more..

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