WordPress Security Plugin

Wordfence Security is a great WordPress Security Plugin.

You need to keep your WordPress website safe at all times.  Read our tips on how to help prevent malicious attacks on your website with WordPress security.  

There are a few WordPress security plugins out there but recently we have tried one called Wordfence Security Plugin.  I have installed this security plugin a few times now and it seems to do the job well!

ALWAYS check out the credentials of any plugin before you install it into your WordPress website.

Key areas to check are:

  • How many times the plugin has been downloaded.
    This can be a good indication if the plugin is popular and it works!!
  • When the plugin was last updated
    If the plugin hasn’t been updated for a while – then you probably should look for an alternative.
  • What version of WordPress the plugin is compatible with
  • You can see all this information in the WordPress plugins directory on the actual plugin’s page – see image below

WordPress Security Plugin

You can also see this information inside the WordPress admin – when you are searching for  plugins.

  • Just click on the details of the plugin and it will display the same information.
  • It will even give you a warning if the plugin has not been tested with your version of WordPress!!

Check out the stats for this WordPress Security Plugin – https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordfence/

Steps to install and set the Wordfence Security plugin

You will need to set up few things for it to work efficiently.

  • In the Plugins panel
  • Click on Add New
  • Type into the Search box > Wordfence Security
  • Click > Search Plugins
  • Go to > Wordfence Security (click on Details to view more information about the plugin)
  • Click on > Install Now > OK
  • Click > Activate Plugin
  • Go to the Wordfence Security panel (it has it’s own)
  • Go to the Options panel – add the following:
    • Where to email alerts: add your email address
    • Security Level: select the recommended one
    • How does Wordfence get IPs:  select the recommended one
    • Scroll down and select any other setting you require
    • Click Save Changes
  • Live Traffic panel – this is a good way to monitor your visitors
  • Blocked IPs panel – you can block people you may suspect are spam or malicious by adding in their IP address here
  • Click on Scan
    Wordfence Security will then scan your website and tell you what issues to fix to make your website more secure.

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By Jodi Allbon
Original content 2013

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