Helen Chik

Helen Chik came to us with issues regarding her WordPress theme. She needed some WordPress support, to help change the theme over to a new one she already bought. As well as customising the theme to look like the demo. Her site was so outdated and required updating WordPress and all the plugins.

Helen Chik Website


What we did

  • Firstly, made a full backup of the website using the Updraft plugin.
  • Next, we updated WordPress.
  • To ensure the site wasn’t vulnerable to hackers.
  • Then, we updated the plugins.
  • We didn’t update the theme.
  • Because we were changing the theme anyway.
  • Updating the theme was a big risk due to the fact it was so old and outdated.
  • It could have broken the site.


  • After successfully updating everything.
  • We could move on to changing over the theme.
  • The site was hosted on a private server, so setting up a staging site was not possible.
  • Instead, we added a maintenance plugin so we could change over the theme without anyone seeing the site.
  • Obviously, we had to work fast because the site was in maintenance mode.


  • Installed the new theme  – opulence.pipdig.co
  • Helen wanted the home page to look very similar to the demo.
  • Except with a sidebar.
  • So we set up the theme as discussed.
  • Then deactivated the maintenance.
  • Helen then checked the site for approval.
  • There were a few tweaks.
  • But overall the job took about 4 hours.

To sum up

Helen was happy with the final result. Now the site is fully up to date, with a new theme. Which can be safely updated without worrying if the site is going to crash. Helen can update the site when she needs to.

Check out the website – https://helenchik.com/

Click the link if you need some WordPress support.

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