Eaglehawk Angus

The owners from Eaglehawk Angus came to Let’s Build a Website originally for SEO training. During the SEO training realised that they really needed a re-design of their website as it was very old and outdated. Consequently, not mobile-friendly!

This is the new Eaglehawk Angus website

What we did in the training

Firstly we did 3 hours of SEO training, so they could manage their own SEO. And actually, know what’s being done within their own site.

This included showing them how to;

  • Research keywords.
  • Create content and format it properly.
  • Blogging and how to Blog successively.
  • Check the status of their site with Google Console.
  • That is;
  • Did they have a sitemap?
  • Was their site mobile friendly?
  • Was it performing ok?
  • Were there any site errors?
  • They also learnt how to check for keywords.
  • Next, we tested the speed.
  • Then learnt how to use the Yoast plugin for WordPress.
  • Lastly, how and why to add backlinks.

What we did next..

There is no point in doing SEO without having a user-friendly website. So we decided to build a new site. We only had 2 hours left in the training to get this started.

So this is what we did

  • Set up a new site on the same hosting, in a separate folder.
  • So no-one could see it and the live site was still working.
  • Installed the Divi theme (Ad) which we gave to Eagle Angus for free for doing our training.
  • Then, we set up the pages and structure for the site.
  • Basically, it was an empty shell which Annie from Eagle Angus was going to populate.
  • Jodi the trainer showed Annie how to use the Divi builder.
  • Including how to create pages and layouts.
  • Annie went away from the training and continued to build the site as it is today!
  • It looks amazing!!

To sum up

Annie and her mum from Eagle Angus completed a total of only 5 hours of training with Let’s Build a Website. They left the training with not only 3 hours of intensive SEO training but also with new skills on how to build a website. Annie built a fantastic new website over the following 2 weeks, that was not only user-friendly but SEO friendly also.

Click here if need SEO training or to build a new WordPress Website.

Click to view the new site eaglehawkangus.com.au

Written by Jodi Allbon 2019.

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