How to design the best landing page

What is a landing page?

A landing page is the first page your visitor arrives at when they come to your website, usually the home page. To have an effective website that works for you; make sure you design the best landing page possible.

Here are some tips on how to get the best landing page for your website.  Creating a great landing page can help convert your website traffic into real customers.

The image below describes some features that can help you design a great landing page; to capture your audience the most effective way!

1. Captivating heading with a keyword phrase

  • You need to add a main heading that catches your visitors attention and entices them to want to read more
  • Use a keyword or keyword phrase in the heading
  • Try to focus on one keyword phrase for the landing page
  • Make it clear what your website is about – not only for your visitor but the search engines as well
  • A keyword or keyword phrase are words people type into Google to find what they want

2. Main Navigation

  • Make sure you have clear and simple navigation so your visitors can find what they want
  • Having a main navigation menu at the top is where most people will look to find a way around your website

3. Secondary Headline

  • This heading should compliment the main heading and describe to the visitor what they are about to discover by reading more
  • Always include a keyword or keyword phrase in headings and then repeat those same keywords  few times in the content following

4. Call to Action

  • Always have the call to action text and button big and loud enough to be seen
  • Orange is the recommended colour for call to action buttons
  • It is a nice bright color that attracts attention
  • Make it clear to your customer what they have to do for e.g. “Click here”
  • Make the call to action enticing enough for your visitor to want to click on it for e.g.
    “Learn how to make the best landing page”

5. Video or image

  • Images is a great way to reinforce the text or copy you have written
  • Images can be aesthetically pleasing if used appropriately and relate to the content
  • Images and video should compliment the content
  • Having a personal video introduction is a great to show a real person behind the business
  • Video can personalise the visitors experience creating trust and intimacy

6.  Testimonial

  • Adding testimonials or reviews on the landing page is a great way to build up trust with potential customers
  • To ensure your visitors believe that they are real testimonial have a link to a website, Facebook or LinkedIn profile

7.  More Information

  • Write keyword enriched articles about content that your visitors maybe searching for
  • Make sure you do keyword research to make sure they are topics your visitors maybe interested in

8. Keep valuable information above the fold line

The content that is viewable on screen without scrolling is generally considered to be above the fold line and most valuable piece of on screen real estate. Usually the most important information on your landing page should be above the fold line. Essentially the content a visitor can view without scrolling will depend on the screen resolution of the device they are using.

  • Make sure all your websites valuable information is above the fold line
  • Depending on your visitors screen resolutions generally most of your visitors will not be able to see below this line without scrolling
  • Use to test your websites fold line


How to design the best landing page


All original content written by Let’s Build a Website 2013