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Mailchimp won’t connect to my WordPress website?

Are you as frustrated as I was when I couldn't get MailChimp to connect to our client's website? And of course, the client doesn't realise it's not something you have done wrong. It's just one of those weird, unforgiving website dramas that must be resolved by process...

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My Hot 5 SEO Tips for 2019

It's getting harder to rank organically these days! I believe it's because there is so much competition. How can you ensure you are going to get in the top ten results in Google for your particular keywords? Read on to get my SEO tips for 2019. My hot 5 SEO tips for...

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Why is having an SSL certificate important?

First of all, I would like to explain what SSL is. SSL stands for secure socket layer. Yes sounds very technical right? And quite boring! Well, it doesn't have to be! 1. SSL explained SSL or a security certificate gets installed on your web host. It encrypts the data...

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Tips on creating a mobile-friendly website

What is a mobile-friendly website? A mobile-friendly website means that your website looks good on all mobile devices; including iPad, iPhone, Samsung etc. That the user has . no issues reading the text on the page, that the images are not blocking parts of the site,...

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How to Create a Sitemap for Your Website

Sitemaps are not only important for Google but they are important for your visitor.  Have you ever gone to a website and can't find the page you were looking for?  This is when a sitemap proves useful.  The user can click on the sitemap and find a list of all the...

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Free WordPress Themes

Over the years we have been using WordPress, we had tried and used many different WordPress themes. So we have put a collection of Free WordPress Themes for you. Free WordPress Themes Make sure you only get Free WordPress Themes from the wordpress.org directory. Go to...

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WordPress Hosting

When you have a WordPress website, you should only use companies that specialise in WordPress Hosting. What is WordPress Hosting? WordPress hosting ensures if you set up a website in WordPress that it will run properly and it will perform at its best. If you use a...

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How to install WordPress from CPanel

Install WordPress with a few clicks!  It's easy and quick to install WordPress with CPanel.  Most hosting companies have CPanel these days. The apps used to install WordPress are called - Softaculous or Fantastico. CPanel is fast becoming the new trend because it has...

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Set up MailPoet For WordPress

MailPoet for WordPress is a great little plugin to use for sending out newsletters and receiving subscribers from your website. Read this tutorial to set up MailPoet for WordPress Go to the Plugins panel Click on Add New Go to Search and type in "MailPoet...

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