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WordPress Course sydney

..1 day WordPress Course..
Learn how to Use & Manage WordPress.
We Offer Free Google advice in this course.
*UNIQUE to our Course.
SET up on your own Domain name (ask us how).
We teach WordPress.org – (includes plugins and free themes).
This is a Group WordPress Course. Usually 2-5 students only.
Currently, we teach this course at Neutral Bay & Prymont.
Free parking & public transport available, only 10 minutes from CBD.
wordpress course

Course Overview

You will learn how to set up WordPress from scratch including;
Setting up the home page.
Setting up a Blog.
Creating generic pages.
Creating a navigation menu.
Formatting content for the user and Google.
How to edit and add images.
How to add YouTube video’s into pages and sidebars.
How to add hyperlinks & PDF’s.
Set up Social Media and Social Sharing.
Learn about plugins & widgets (apps for WordPress).
How to add a contact form & Google map.
Most importantly how to ensure a mobile-friendly website.
wordpress course
wordpress course

About this course

This is a beginner WordPress course.
Anyone can attend this course.
We use the latest version of WordPress.org.
TAE Certified Trainers only.
WordPress works on PC or MAC.
This is a structured course.
We provide you with a WordPress course E-book.
We use simple language and cater for all learning levels.
You can set up the website on your own domain [if you
are building your own website].
We offer FREE after course support *conditions apply.
Google tips – on how to get your website in Google for free.

WordPress Course $299  on SALE $250

Course Dates


April 27
May 18
June 15
July 13

If none of these dates suits your schedule.

We offer a 1 on 1 WordPress Course for only $395 (4 hours).
Saturday – 1 on 1 WordPress Course – $495.

Start Time: 9.30 AM

5 hours minimum [excluding breaks] training depending on how many students attend.

Course Outline
Click to download the WordPress Course Outline.
How many people in the course
  • Usually between 2-5 students.
  • A maximum of 5.
Ongoing support
We offer you 4 weeks of free support with this course.

We also offer 1 on 1 training for all previous students at a discounted rate of $95 per hour.

A minimum of 2 hours is required.

Pyrmont and Neutral bay locations.

Skype training

We also have online Skype training for $90 per hour in office hours or $99 per hour after office hours.

Can I set up on my own Domain?
  • Yes, you can.
  • In this course, we build a basic site from scratch.
  • So if you are creating your own website,  you can set everything up on your own domain in the course to save you doing it all again.

Prerequisite for setting up on your own domain

  • This must be done before you come to the course.
  • We do not have time to do it in the training.
  • You must buy your own hosting and domain first.
  • Then install WordPress.

If you need help installing WordPress from hosting’s cPanel read this tutorial on our website.

We can help set this up

  • We charge $120 to set this up – including one year of hosting with Quadra Hosting or a host of your choice.
  • You will need to purchase your domain name.
  • Then send us the details.
  • We will have WordPress and your hosting all set up for your WordPress course.
  • Please note we cannot help you set up the complete website in this course.
  • If you need help setting up a website from scratch which is outside of the course outline (see above) – see Create a WordPress website [course].
Benefits of setting up on your own Domain?
  • In this WordPress Course, we set up the basic structure of a website on our servers.
  • If you are building your own site, it makes sense to set up on your own domain.
  • That way everything you learn will be applied to your own website.
  • This means you only need to set up the site once.
  • And with our help – not on your own.
  • This will save you a lot of time as you only have to do it once.
  • If you are doing the course to learn WordPress for your job or to build websites in the future then it is not necessary to set up on your own domain.
Where can I buy hosting from?
We recommend 2 hosting companies based on our own experiences.
The following companies are based in Australia and their support is amazing!

Digital Pacific – click on the image below to view their hosting packages.

Quadra Hosting –  Click here to view their basic packages for WordPress.
Tell Quadra Let’s Build a Website recommend you.

If you need help setting this up, we can do this.  Just let us know.

We DO NOT recommend using the following companies for hosting (domain names are ok).

  • Crazy Domains
  • Net Registry
What type of website will I create?
The WordPress website we create in the course will include the following:

A Test Site

  • You will create a live WordPress website on our servers.
  • You can access this for 4 weeks to work with.

A Professional Mobile Theme

  • You will learn about themes and why you should only choose a mobile-friendly theme.


  • You will add some generic pages to your site.
  • You can add unlimited pages with WordPress.


  • You will learn how to create a navigation menu, so users can get around your site.


  • You will add some dummy text so you can see what the theme looks like with content.
  • We will also format this text with headings, images, links and a PDF.


  • You will add some images to your website
  • We show you how to add & edit images inside WordPress.

YouTube video

  • You will add a YouTube video and discuss how to make your own!

Google Map

  • We add a Google map as it is great for local businesses.
  • It tells Google where you are and helps rank you locally!


  • You will learn about blogging.
  • And how to set up a blog on your website.
  • We will show you how to write your first blog post.
  • Then share it on Social Media.

Contact Form

  • We add a simple contact form to capture potential customers from your website and send their details to your email.

Social Media Icons

  • We will show you how to add social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and more…
  • And how you can easily share your own articles from your site.

Plugins & Widgets (Add-ons for WordPress)

  • Plugins are like apps or add-ons for WordPress.
  • We show you how to add plugins & widgets and how you can create any type of functionality on your website.


  • We show you how to protect your site from spam.

WordPress Security

  • We will add security to WordPress.
  • This will keep your website safe and secure online!


  • You will learn how to backup your site just in case it ever gets hacked or damaged.

Google Friendly Website

  • We discuss throughout the day how to make your website Google friendly.
  • We want your site to be found by Google and other search engines so will give you some expert Google tips and techniques. 

Google loves WordPress!!

This course is structured to teach you step by step, the basic features of WordPress.
This course is for beginners with no prior web design knowledge.

You will learn a lot in this WordPress Course.

Where can I buy WordPress Themes from?

Theme Forest

  • We love Theme Forest, it has beautiful, professional WordPress Themes.
  • One of our favourite themes is Avada.
  • You can search for all different types of categories inside Theme Forest.
  • Click on the image below to take you there.


Elegant Themes

  • We also recommend Elegant Themes.
  • The DIVI Theme is one of our favourites.
  • We use this for many clients and students.

Divi WordPress Theme

Course Cost
WordPress Course – was $299  on SALE $250 this month

Time – 9.30AM – 2.30PM
[approximately depending on numbers].

Ph: 0408 406 785

EMAIL for more details

Training Rooms
The teaching location depends on the number of students, due to the size of our training rooms.

If we have 2-3 students we run the course at Neutral Bay. [Neutral Bay is just across the bridge, with regular buses available].
If we have more than 3 students the course is run at Pyrmont.

To view, the venue locations see below.

Neutral Bay  [FREE PARKING in surrounding streets].
Click here to view Google Map.

Pyrmont [PAID PARKING in surrounding streets].
Click here to view Google Map.

Your office
We can organise group training in your office.

Ph: 0408 406 785

EMAIL for more details

Who should do this course
  • A beginner.
  • Anyone who needs to learn how to update and manage a WordPress website.
  • NO coding skills are required at this level, so any type of learner can attend.
  • Someone who wants to make websites for clients.
  • An employee who needs WordPress training for their job.
  • A small business owner who needs powerful software to build their own website.
  • A graphic designer who wants to learn to make websites to advance their career.
  • Anyone wanting a very robust system that can build any type of website for any type of business.
What do I need to bring
  • Your laptop & power cord.
  • Wifi is supplied (make sure your computer connects to wifi).
  • We supply you with a WordPress Course EBook.
  • A pen to write notes.
  • Any questions you may have.
What we GIVE you
WordPress Course EBook.

TAA Certified Trainer.
Structured course.
Step by Step Instructions.
Expert knowledge of WordPress.
Tips on how to get your website into Google.

Questions via Facebook  *conditions apply.
Email for more details about our WordPress Course.

Why use WordPress?

Why use WordPress?

  • WordPress software is free.
  • WordPress is Google friendly.
  • WordPress is user-friendly.
  • Its fun and easy to use.
  • It has over 60,000 free plugins.
  • Plugins are like apps for WordPress.
  • Plugins give you the ability to design any type of WordPress.
  • WP has over 5000 free themes.
  • You can build a responsive mobile friendly website with WordPress.
  • WordPress has many free tutorials and online support.
  • It is scalable – meaning you can build the basic set up to achieve any type of website you want.
Where can I buy Images from?


Photodune is great to buy images to add to slideshows, pages and posts.
Images starting from $1 USA.

Click the image to view.


Where can I buy Logos or Web Graphics from?

Graphic River

  • We love Graphic River because it has very well priced graphics you can buy for your website.
  • You may not have the time or money for someone to design these elements for you.
  • Graphics may include; logos, icons, fonts and info graphics.


Payment options

Credit Card or Bank Transfer

Check out our course – Create a WordPress Website

Contact Us for more information about our WordPress Course.