WordPress is fast becoming the most popular FREE website software for many reasons!

Why use WordPress?  Here are some reasons why you may use WordPress for your website!

  • The software is FREE and always will be!
  • The updates are FREE and always will be!WordPress Websites
  • The plugins and themes are free
  • There are over 2000 free themes available and over 26, 000 free plugins to choose from the wordpress.org website
  • Plugins add more functionality to your website
  • There is lots of free support, tutorials and videos online
  • The admin is user friendly and you can log in from any where there is an Internet connection
  • WordPress has its own inbuilt content management system allowing you access to all the content of your website
  • It’s very easy to add a Blog
  • Blogs are considered as fresh content which is the search engines love
  • With over 1500 Free Themes to choose from; styling your website is made easy!
  • It’s easy to keep your website secure by installing a security plugin!
  • Google loves WordPress
  • The capabilities are endless, allowing your website to be scalable on many levels; expanding when your business does!

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Why use WordPress for your website?

It is a perfect solution for your website because it’s:

  • Open source software means FREE to download and install
  • You can use it for any kind of personal or commercial website for FREE

WordPress is user friendly!

  • You don’t have to be experienced in web design to use WordPress for your website
  • Most hosting companies provide the ability to install WordPress on your hosting with one click using CPanel
  • The admin panel is easy to navigate
  • It’s even easy to add content, update and manage your website

WordPress has many free themes

  • There is a wide range of free themes to choose from when choosing the design and layout of your website
  • Search Google for thousands of themes you can download for FREE
    Always make sure you download free themes from the wordpress.org website.  Otherwise check out the website thoroughly, look at customer’s reviews, testimonials to ensure the free theme is secure and has no malicious code.  Downloading free themes from the wordpress.org will protect you from any malicious websites!

WordPress plugins extend the functionality of your website

  • Plugins allows you to add just about any function to you website
    e.g shopping cart, event planner, booking forms, image galleries
  • Plugins are quick and easy to install
  • Just search on Google and to find the 1000’s of FREE plugins


WordPress is web standard compliant

  • It is one software that follows all the Web Standards
  • WordPress keeps your website compliant to all the rules that have to be followed when running a website

Google loves WordPress!  WP is search engine friendly


  • WordPress uses different functions which allow it to be search engine friendly
    For example making categories, tagging your posts, using headings and titles
  • WordPress can easily create search engine friendly URLs (page names)

Worldwide support


  • There are over 71 million WordPress websites on the Internet
  • There is a large WordPress community that use and support WordPress; backing the development of this software
  • If you need any help or support there are many forums, communities  and tutorials online

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Original content written by Jodi Allbon 2013


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