2 lovely ladies from Waterthins came for 4 hours of 1 on1 WordPress training to get help editing their current site. They wanted to change some basic things in the site. But, unfortunately due to the way the theme was setup, this was impossible without some serious coding. We see this time and time again. So we advised them to do a rebuild to a WordPress theme that they could always edit and manage themselves. So oh course we recommended the Divi theme and gave this to them for free in the training. The old site was also not very modern or mobile friendly.

This is the new Waterthins website

What we did in the training

We had 4 hours to re-build as much of the site as possible. Luckily the site wasnt that big! So this is what we did.

  • We setup a test site on our servers with Quadra hosting.
  • Which we would move over later.
  • We installed WordPress and Divi theme (Ad) on a temporary domain.
  • Then we started to add all the pages.
  • Then created a navigation menu with all the pages.
  • I showed the girls how to use the Divi builder and choose different layouts.
  • We setup the home page layout.
  • Then styled the look of the header and footer areas.
  • I also taught the girls how to colour the site and change fonts via the Divi customizer.
  • Check out these videos on how easy it is to use the Divi builder.

This was the old site

What we did next..

  • We setup the blog so the girls could add to this later.
  • The old site wouldnt allow a blog without coding. 
  • So they were very happy that they could set this up themselves in no time at all.
  • They learnt how to add posts and how to format posts ongoing.
  • Next, we setup a form for the contact page for users to contact them.
  • Then we added Social Media to the footer.
  • And inserted an Instagram feed to the home page.
  • We used this plugin – Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed by Smash Ballon
  • https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/instagram-feed/
  • Finally, we added a slider of recipes and a few other images to the pages.
  • And how to add some micro animations and image affects for interactivity on the site.
  • The girls were fairly confident that they could go away and finish the site on their own.
  • And they did.
  • once they completed the site, we moved it over from our servers to their domain for them.
  • Now, they have a fresh new site that is easy to work on and edit ongoing.

To sum up

The girls were great as they picked up how to use Divi really quickly. They went off and kept working on the site. It went live in 2 weeks.
The site now looks not only more modern, mobile friendly but most of all user friendly for both the visitors and for anyone who needs to edit it.

Waterthins were very happy with the end result!

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Click to view the new site waterthins.com.au

Written by Jodi Allbon 2019.

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