As business owners we knew the importance of both needing and having a web page to generate business. So we found a course on a Saturday with letsbuildawebsite for WordPress. We attended Jodi's course at Surrey Hills on 2 occasions both for WordPress. After the WordPress course we were so impressed by way we were taught and given information that we went to another course for SEO with  letsbuildawebsite. I appreciated the way Jodi spoke with the small class using basic terminology for those of us who are beginners with both WordPress and SEO. It was helpful to have Jodi set up a  letsbuildawebsite WordPress test site for us to each use and play with even after the class for 4 weeks or so. The manuals are great to take home and use as you don't feel the pressure of needing to absorb in all the new information in the course. Thank you Jodi and letsbuildawebsiteUzma Principal Solicitor   - ETB Legal Feb 2015