Start A Business Website With These 5 Easy Steps

Ten years ago you might have balked at the idea of building a website on your own. Now, however, technology has reached a point where it’s very easy to start a business website with no experience at all. Simply follow our 5-step process and your business will be up and running online very quickly.

1. Decide On The Purpose Of Your Website

Before you start a business website, you need to know the purpose of the site. This helps you choose a theme and add the content. Do you want to showcase your services or products? Maybe you want potential customers to easily find your contact information. Maybe you want to increase your credibility or maximise your customer base. Make this decision now and the remaining steps will follow easily.

2. Buy A Domain Name

Ideally, a domain name is short, simple and memorable. You can use keywords that describe your business and your location, such as “SydneyBuilder”, as this helps customers find you online. You can also use your brand or company name or even create a unique name. However, avoid numbers and dashes, misspelt words and brand names used by other companies.

3. Organise Hosting

Another essential step before you start a business website is to select a hosting provider. You want a host that offers fast upload and download speeds, lots of online security, scalability and easy-to-access support. You can often buy your domain name from your hosting provider making it a simpler process.

4. Choose A Theme

Step 1 now becomes important as it helps you choose a theme for your website. That’s because different themes come with varying functionality. The more functionality built into the theme, the fewer plugins you’ll need. There’s also the aesthetics of the theme and the colour scheme, both of which need to reflect your brand. WordPress has thousands of free and premium themes, so it might take a while but you’ll get there!

5. Select A Website Builder

With no experience under your belt, a website builder can make the process very quick and easy. There’s a wide range of builders available, so you’ll need to compare them and find one that’s perfect for your needs. Website builders come with a selection of themes and layouts, so you get two for one with this option.

Let’s Build A Website!

If you want to start a business website, then we’ll help you pull it all together. We’ll even teach you how to use WordPress and design your own unique site.

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