Off Base Japan

Daniel from Off Base Japan needed to set up a website for his business in Japan. He travelled all the way from Japan to come and do our Build a WordPress Website course. Amazing!!

He wanted to set up a real estate website for navy officers to rent apartments in Japan off the navy base. Hence where the name “off base” came from. He wanted to build the website himself to have full control and be able to learn how to edit it himself.

What we did in the training for Off Base Japan

  • Daniel already had his own Japanese hosting.
  • And installed WordPress.
  • Although we had a few technical issues and had to re-install it again.
  • We added an SSL certificate. As having the little lock in the browser is important, so your visitors know your site is secure.
  • Daniel bought his theme from
  • Because he wanted a specific type of design that catered for real estates.
  • So next we installed the theme and started to set up the website.
  • This included;
  • Inserting the logo
  • Adding the home page image and configuring the search filter
  • Styling the colors & choosing the fonts
  • Making sure the site looks good on a mobile
  • Next, we added some properties/listings, images and content
  • Then we added some basic SEO to the home page to ensure the site ranks for “off base japan”
  • Finally we added a contact page with a contact form and a FAQs page.

To sum up

Daniel from Off Base spent a week in sydney and built his website in 2 sessions. Then flew back to Japan to show prospective clients. He was very happy with the website. And learnt in the training how to edit and manage it ongoing.

Click the link for more information about our Build a WordPress Website course.

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