Let’s Build a Website can create a professional website for you!

Would you like a website with all the modern functionalities WITHOUT the modern expense?

  • Are you a small to medium sized business and need a website?
  • Are you looking for a web design company you can trust?
  • Do you want a website that you can be trained to manage and update?
  • Would you like to eliminate ongoing web design costs?
  • Do you need a website that can grow with your business?
  • Do you want a website that is user friendly AND search engine friendly?


Why we use WordPress for building websites

WordPress for your business website may be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make for your online presence. Used by well over 200 million users on the web.
WordPress is an amazingly powerful content management system that is FREE, allowing you to seamlessly integrate thousands of features with cool plugins and widgets.

WordPress has lots of power under the hood so is a good choice for small to medium sized business websites; not only because the software and updates are FREE forever,
but predominately because YOU can be trained to update and manage your website,  giving you more control over your website and will save your business money!

WordPress is one software that follows all the Web Standards and keeps your website compliant to all the rules that have to be followed when running a website.

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Google Loves WordPress

The simple layouts of WordPress, the permalinks (page or url names), and the easy linking in WordPress is naturally attractive to Google. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s “web spam team” spoke at WordCamp (WordPress camp) San Francisco 2009 and said “WordPress is a great choice” and talks about how WordPress can help you get better search results.

Click here to view the video of  “WordPress is a great choice – Matt Cutts

Search Engine Optimisation

  • WordPress provides good search engine optimization (SEO) right out of the box
  • There are many SEO benefits that WordPress provides for free
  • Google’s own Matt Cutts says WordPress is “made to do SEO well”
    Check out this video: Matt Cutts gives tips to small business owners

Update and manage your website

  • WordPress allows you to easily update content in your website without knowing HTML
  • Do you panic at the idea of having to learn to use a complex HTML editor like Dreamweaver to do simple updates?

WordPress is scalable

  • There is a thriving community of WordPress developers creating new WordPress themes and plugins constantly
  • Imagine free WordPress themes giving you the ability to re-design your website at the click on a button
  • With WordPress you can extend your website through the endless functionality of WordPress plugins
  • There a literally thousands of plugins – e.g. shopping carts, event planners, Pay Pal, Social Media and much more
  • WordPress can accommodate the growing needs of your business

WordPress can save you money!

  • There are literally thousands of WordPress developers out there, giving you more resources and flexibility
    to modify your website
  • Instead of paying a web developer to program a new function for your website, we can find a plugin to do it for you,
    inevitably saving you money!
  • There is no need to re-design your website from scratch
  • Choose a theme that’s right for you, install it and modify it to suit your business needs
  • There is an abundance of FREE tutorials about WordPress on the Internet if you ever need any support


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