Monstarzen Dojo

Sarah from Monstarzen Dojo came to us to learn how to build her own website, so she could not only see what’s involved but to learn how to manage and update basic things herself.

Many people get a website built by someone overseas and not only have no idea how to use it, but its been so customised that they have to get it rebuilt,  as it cant be updated easily. We see this a lot. Our course – Build your own WordPress website course will help you build your own site and take back control of your website.

Sarah had just started her business – Monstarzen Dojo and needed a website fast.  Sarah attended 2 x 3-hour sessions, and in this time we created a brand new professional website that she could update and manage herself. The site also needed to integrate with an online booking system, to connect and purchase her classes online.

Monstarzen Dojo

What we did in the training

In the first session we covered the following:

  • Installed WordPress on Quadra Hosting.
  • Set up her pages – home, about, services, contact, blog, timetable, register, log in.
  • Customised the home page.
  • Create layouts for pages.
  • Added content to the pages.
  • Added popular plugins like security, backup, anti-spam, social media.

In the Second session

  • We set up the online booking system – Mind Body Online
  • Which included, adding the timetables, classes, booking prices etc.
  • Then we connected it to the website.
  • This took a few hours.
  • Sarah learnt how to update and manage the online booking system.
  • And how to use the blog to add fresh content for the user and Google.
  • We also went over some basic SEO for her pages, that she will continue to work on.

Overall Sarah was very pleased with her website, especially the fact that she can manage it herself.

Check out Monstarzen Dojo’s website –

If you want to build your own website check out our – Build a WordPress Website Course

Written by Jodi Allbon 2017

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