Make a website with WordPress in one day – course outline

Learn how to make a website with WordPress

We can teach you to make a website with WordPress in 1 day!

Make a website course outline below:

  • Brief overview of the WordPress
  • Install and set up a WordPress website on a live hosting server or your own hosting
  • Login to the admin panel
  • Discuss WordPress security
  • Brief overview of the WordPress admin
  • Update General Settings  – privacy, time, user profile
  • Theme options
    • Show how to get WordPress themes
  • How to add a new the theme
  • How to modify the new theme
  • How to set up Google friendly page names
  • How to create Pages
    • Create some generic pages
    • Create a blog (recommended to have a blog  – as Google loves blogs!)
    • Delete a page
  • Create Navigation Menu(so your visitor can navigate around your website easily)
    • Place pages in order
    • Add a drop down menu with sub pages
  • Add articles (posts) to your Blog page
    • Discuss how people interact with your articles
  • Add some functionality with Widgets
    For e.g. a search box, a calendar
  • Add some text to the Footer
    • Copyright details
  • Add Images
  • Edit Images inside WordPress (no need for Photoshop)
  • Add more functionality with Plugins
    Plugins give your website endless functionality e.g. shopping cart, galleries, social media and much more.

    • Show where to find and install Plugins
    • Add website security
    • Learn how to backup your website
    • Add an Advanced Text editor plugin
  • Manage Content
    • Insert and Format Text
    • Add a YouTube video
    • Add some Hyperlinks
  • Add a Contact Form
  • Add a Google Map
  • Add Social Media e.g. Facebook
  • Learn how to make a Google friendly website
  • Question time!

We also give you some extra free WordPress Tutorials for your new WordPress website.

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