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This course “Make a Website” teaches you how to make a website in one day with WordPress. We do offer you the opportunity to make your own website in class.  You will need to have your hosting and domain name for your website set up before the day of the course.

Pre-requiste for setting up your own website in this course “Make a Website”

  • buy your domain name e.g.
  • buy the hosting for your website (this is where your website files are stored on the Internet)
  • the hosting needs to have CPanel
    CPanel is required so you can easily install the software (WordPress) we use to make a website
  • bring the welcome email from your hosting company to class
    without this information you will not be able to access the hosting to install and set up your WordPress website
  • if you do come to class and forget these details you can still make a website on our development website but  it won’t be with your domain name or hosting.  You will then need to go and re-create your website on your own hosting and domain name.

How do I buy my domain name?

When buying a domain name, its best to try and buy it at the same time as buying your hosting. We can recommend these hosting and domain name companies, which are based in Australia and have CPanel (to set up WordPress). These recommendations are based on other students and clients experience.  (*We don’t hold any responsibility for these companies if you are not happy with their services).

Try choosing a domain name with  This says that you are uniquely Australian – and it helps with location based Google searches.
You will need an ABN number for Australia domains –

When choosing a domain name try choosing a name that describes your website, including a keyword if you can may also help with your Google rankings!

How do I buy hosting?

As discussed above try to buy your domain name and hosting together – it does make the process of setting up your website easier.  Choose from one of the following hosting companies:

Choose the basic or standard hosting package.  If in the future you require more space or more traffic capability then it is easy to upgrade with your hosting company.

Once you pay for your hosting and domain name you will receive an email that contains a link to CPanel – which is how to install and set up your website in WordPress. The email will also include a username and password for CPanel, which you will use in class to log into CPanel.

What happens if I have already bought my hosting and domain from 2 different companies?

If you have already bought your domain name from another company you will have to point the domain name to your hosting.  This is not hard to do, we have some notes on how to point your domain name to your website.

Click here to read How to Point a Domain Name to Your Website


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