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Kitset Cabins needed a website for a new part of their business. A team member from the company had already completed our WordPress training so just needed someone to get them started with the website and design. So the team could then build and manage the new site themselves.

Check out the new Kitset Cabins website

What we did before Kitset Cabins took over

  • Installed WordPress on the host.
  • Configured the essential WordPress settings.
  • Then installed and configured the DIVI THEME (AD).
  • Created the main pages.
  • Added a pre-made design from Divi to each main page.
  • This populated the site with dummy text and images.
  • With the goal to give the site an overall look and feel.
  • Making it easier for Kitset Cabins team to modify.
  • That way they didn’t need to create page layouts from scratch.
  • Next, we added a navigation menu with the main pages.
  • Finally added a few plugins including;
    • Woocommerce – to sell online
    • Bloom – for a  catalogue signup
    • UpdraftPlus – to perform regular backups of the site
  • We did configure Woocommerce – that is; added the payment options, taxes and emails.

The next step

Once we did all of that, we handed over the website to the team at Kitset Cabins. So they could edit the site and add their own content and images.

They got a few Skype training sessions to ask some questions on how to edit a few things.  Mainly on how to set up the products in the shop to have variables. As this can be a bit confusing if you don’t know how to do this. But basically they built and finished the rest of the site themselves.

We also gave them some SEO tips to help get the site ranked on Google.

To sum up

The website is now finished and looks fabulous!

The great thing about building a website yourself especially if you are a small business. Is that you can save valuable money and can learn to edit the site yourself. Helping to keep ongoing costs down. Not to mention giving you full control of your website.

Click the link if you need help with building your own WordPress website.

Check out the new website –

Written by Jodi Allbon 2019

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