Use Picasa to optimise images for your website!  Learn how to use Picasa –  a FREE online image editor to optimise all your web images.

Optimising means to reduce the quality of the image which then reduces the file size.  You can also use Picasa to make the dimensions of your images smaller.  It’s easy and you don’t need to buy any software or even exchange your personal details.

No Photoshop required!

All you need to do is download it to your computer, install it and away you go!
It will automatically load all your photos from your computer to display in Picasa, ready to edit!

Follow these simple steps to use Picasa to edit and optimise your images for your website!

  • Go to to use picasa
  • Download Picasa to your computer
  • Click Run the software to install it
  • Picasa will automatically load all your images (this does not copy them)
  • Navigate to the folders on the left and select your image
  • Double click on the image to open it
  • In the tool panel on the left – select the crop tool
  • Make sure Manual is selected from the drop down menu
  • Drag a box around the part of image you want to keep
  • The outer edge will be cropped or trimmed
  • Click Apply
  • Go to the bottom of your image
  • You will see several options
  • Click on Export
  • Export Location: this is where you will save the image
  • Click Browse and locate a folder where you would like to save the image
  • Or create a new one for all your optimised images
  • Name the exported folder:  re-name the image and try to include a keyword/s if possible so the search engines can read this
  • Resize to:  You can re-size the image by typing in a smaller width than the original image size.  To see the original size – look at the bottom blue tab underneath your image.
    Image size will be in pixels.
  • Image quality: click on the drop down and select Custom (85)
  • Turn down the quality to approximately 65 (percent)
  • Click Export
  • Once finished the folder should automatically open with your optimised image
  • Click on the image to open it and make sure the image is still clear (not fuzzy)
  • Now your image is optimised and ready to load up to your website


Always optimize your images before loading them to your WordPress website or any website

Small file size is essential for good SEO, which means that optimising your images makes pages load quicker keeping your visitors happy hence the search engines as well!

Watch our video on How to edit images with Picasa


By Jodi Allbon
Original content 2013

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