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How to increase the SEO Rankings for your WIX website

Do you have a WIX website and wonder how to rank higher in the search engines? Well, all is not lost because WIX has introduced the WIX SEO Wizard to help rank your business and get more traffic.

Let’s take a look at this wizard and how it can help your business website increase it’s position in the search engines.

What is WIX?

WIX is a free website builder that also hosts your website. It’s a great option for start-ups or small businesses that can’t afford a developer to design a bespoke website. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to build your website with hundreds of templates available, you can quickly build a site that gives you an online presence.

However, if you want a bespoke website that perfectly reflects your brand and messaging, WIX may not offer the types of customisation you need.

Introducing the WIX SEO Wizard

The WIX SEO Wizard was designed to ensure that WIX websites can be easily optimised for search engines. They even worked with the Google Search Console team to make sure they achieved this goal.

Essentially, the SEO wizard creates a personalised checklist that helps optimise every page of your website. This checklist is based on the information you provide about your site and on your keywords. It checks these keywords for relevancy, suggests others that you might consider and even provides you with a comprehensive SEO analysis of your website.

The intent is that if you follow the checklist, your site will easily integrate with the Google Search Console and rank higher in the search engines.

How does the WIX SEO Wizard help optimise your website?

This tool provides you with several features that can help your website rank higher in search engines. You might run into an issue, as you need to understand these features and know how to implement them correctly. If you have no idea about SEO then you might struggle with the WIX SEO Wizard.

This wizard allows you to edit title tags, meta descriptions, H tags and alt tags, as well as providing information on the following:

  • XML sitemap.
  • Default SEO settings.
  • Custom page URLs.
  • Page speed scores.
  • Mobile-friendly templates.
  • 301 redirects.
  • Canonical tags.
  • HTTPS.
  • Structured data.

Should you use the WIX SEO Wizard?

If you have a WIX website, then you will benefit from using this wizard. However, if you’re experienced with SEO, you’ll most probably find that it doesn’t offer you as many opportunities to optimise your site as you might need.

WIX is a great platform for small business owners who want to get an online presence quickly and don’t want a custom theme or advanced SEO features.

You can access the WIX SEO Wizard under Settings > Get Found on Google. You will need to work through a list of questions before being given your checklist of tasks. Simply work your way through this list and don’t forget to make sure that your site is connected to the Google Search Console.

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